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The Hermosa Beach Police Department would like to keep the public and members of the media informed of available victim/witness assistance services.   It is the policy of the Hermosa Beach Police Department to treat victims and witnesses with fairness, dignity, and compassion.  To ensure full support for victims, the officers of this Department notify victims of their bill of rights pursuant to California Constitution Article 1, Section 28(b), “Marsy’s Rights”, and will also provide victims with referral services available through the State of California and other local resources. 

The attached “Marsy’s Card” is provided by our officers to victims/witnesses of crimes.  In addition to the Victims’ Bill of Rights, this card contains information on obtaining additional resources such as local support groups, victim compensation programs, and California statewide and national resources.   

Please contact Sergeant Higgins  (3103180360) with any questions you may have.

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