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November 17, 2011 

Courtesy of MB Neighborhood Watch





On November 3, 2011, Manhattan Beach Police Department Detectives arrested

Roger Lee Grigsby IV for residential burglary. Manhattan Beach and Gardena

Detectives had jointly been investigating the late night burglary that occurred to a home in the 1500 block of 9th Street on September 13.




According to the victim, the home was secured and tented on September 13th, but the following morning the tent was found cut open and the sliding glass door smashed.  Due to the hazardous conditions from the poison inside, the victim and officers could not enter the home to check for damage and/or theft. Once the home was deemed safe to enter, the victim and officers checked the interior and discovered televisions, money and other items missing. Evidence recovered from the home was processed by the Department's Crime Scene Investigation Division.


The subsequent investigation led Detectives to the home of Roger Lee Grigsby IV in Los Angeles.  Manhattan Beach and Gardena served search warrants at the residence of Grigsby, where stolen items were recovered. Roger Lee Grigsby IV was arrested and booked for burglary.




Suspect Information:

Roger Lee Grigsby IV

22 years old

Los Angeles






 Phone Scam




The following information was sent to MBNW by one of our detectives, Jeanette Meers, who some of you may remember was a Crime Prevention Officer overseeing Neighborhood Watch a while back. It concerns a recent telephone scam that was reported to her. Read Detective Meer's words below:


I received a call from a Manhattan Beach resident.  She said she received calls from someone claiming to be a relative.  The suspect asked her to guess who he was.  She guessed it was her nephew and the suspect said yes.  When she said it didn't sound like her nephew, the suspect said it was because he broke his nose in a traffic collision while in the Dominican Republic.  The resident called her nephew's mother, verified it was a scam and did not send money.  However, MBPD has received crime information from other jurisdictions in California with the same M.O.  "Elderly residents" have been targeted in a similar manner.  The suspects have gathered a great deal of information on the family of victims from an unknown source which makes the call seem legitimate at first.  Unfortunately, the victims have sent money to other countries, including Peru, Mexico, etc. 



Beware of telephone scams and verify any information given by the caller with relatives or other sources. 


FYI, we also have a report of another telephone scam where the caller told the victim that they had won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, but the victim was required to send money upfront in order to claim their prize money. Unfortunately in that case, the victim did send a lot of money. Please pass this information on to your friends, families and neighbors to beware of telephone scams. Thank you kindly.