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PIO:  Captain Michael Garofano

Office:   310.318.0340
Defendant : Whitney Day Mono
Charge: Arson (B) and 2 counts of 451 D
Bail: Was made for $250,000
Court Date: 07/15/09
Lead Officers: HBPD Det. Sheid, HBFD Eng. Powers
At 3:43a.m., Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach Fire Departments were dispatched to a fire caused by an unknown object on fire thrown at a house located on the Strand in Hermosa Beach.

Further investigation revealed that there was a liquid accelerant involved in the ignition of a fire on the exterior of the premises that resulted in damage to the exterior of the home, garden hose and shrubbery.  

Arson investigator Eng. Aaron Marks stated "there is a preliminary estimate of $1000 in damages to the exterior of the property". The Manhattan Beach Police Department contacted Whitney Mono, a resident of Manhattan Beach, as a person of interest within an hour of the incident. She was then questioned by members of the Hermosa Beach Police Department and the Hermosa Beach Fire Department. Los Angeles Fire Department Arson Canine Unit was brought in and conducted a search of the defendant's mother's vehicle which resulted in a positive alert for ignitable liquids.  After a subsequent interview, 22-year old Mono confessed to starting the fire at her estranged boyfriend's residence. Mono made bail and has a court date of July 15, 2009.