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HBNW and HBPD response to criticism for sending out Press Release.



We at the police department are aware of the criticism over the past two press releases.

Unfortunately police must respond and deal with these family tragedies like this all too often.

We only put out press releases when we believe it will assist an investigation; serve as a public service message and when the media and/or the community demands the information. We must comply with a "public records act request".  Police work is not secret and we must be transparent.

In these instances, we responded to the community demand for information on the suicide. It was very visible to those walking the Strand and the media also inquired.

The Media outlets demanded the information on the child abuse due to the celebrity connection.

Each release is crafted to comply with the law and to protect the privacy of those involved.

Hermosa Beach Chief of Police, Greg Savelli


HBNW works in partnership with the HB Police and Fire Department.  Regarding the last two press releases, we forward ALL PRESS RELEASES to our HBNW members.  HBNW does not pick and choose based on who we might offend.  We have been forwarding PRESS RELEASES for four years to our members.  In this last e-mail regarding the arrest, I did not forward the booking photo and felt I was showing consideration for her privacy.  Regarding the beach suicide, this lovely man was a neighbor of mine and I am deeply saddened to hear that he took his own life by a violent act.  I have nothing but empathy for him and I know that I cannot take away the pain his family is dealing with at this time and my family is terrible sorry for their loss.   My neighbor chose to take his life on our beach in a very public way.  As the Chief mentions, many Strand walkers and patrons of Martha's 22nd Street Grill saw the police, lifeguard and coroner vehicles.  We waited to inform our members (even though I knew what had happened at 7a.m.) until we received the official press release later that day.  We did not mention his name in the press release.


Co-founder and Co-Coordinator of HBNW, Kelly Kovac-Reedy