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Recent significant events in the California region

Did you feel it? Select an earthquake from the list to view a map or submit your own report. If you can't find the quake you felt please wait several minutes for it to appear online. If you still can't find it, fill out an unknown earthquake form.

To see more maps, check out our Top Ten Lists, which rank our most felt earthquakes ever. Also, look for important past earthquakes in the archives.

Note: Maps are not created for events that do not result in a trigger at ANSS. These are generally smaller earthquakes that are not widely felt. We still accept questionnaires for these earthquakes, and we may manually add significant events to this website.

4 miles NNW of Palos Verdes Point, CA
(ID 10221045)
DEC 4 2006 06:19:33 PST 2.7
6 miles N of Ocotillo, CA
(ID 14263768)
NOV 29 2006
14:15:39 PST
3 miles W of Hollister, CA
(ID 40191319)
NOV 29 2006
13:20:47 PST
5 miles N of Ocotillo, CA
(ID 14263712)
NOV 29 2006
13:10:55 PST
6 miles NNE of Ocotillo, CA
(ID 14263544)
NOV 29 2006
04:17:36 PST
9 miles S of Parkfield, CA
SEP 28 2004
10:15:24 PDT
Hector Mine
OCT 16 1999
02:46:45 PDT
Near Reseda, CA
JAN 17 1994
04:30:55 PST
FEB 9 1971
06:00:41 PST
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California Integrated Seismic Network
This is a U.S. Geological Survey project to collect information about ground shaking following significant earthquakes. You can help us by filling out a questionnaire for each earthquake you feel. A Community Internet Intensity Map will be made and updated every few minutes following a major earthquake. At first only a few ZIP codes will have intensities assigned, but over time others will be assigned as data comes in. Check back often and watch the maps change!

Didn't feel an earthquake but want to see how it works? Contribute to our test dataset.

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