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Thank you HBPD for catching the criminals and keeping our streets safe! 


The 211 - Robbery occurred around midnight. It involved four suspects, 3 males all adults and 1 female juvenile.  They observed a 29 year old victim walking along the street (1500 blk of Hermosa Ave) talking on his cell phone. He was chosen at random. The suspects exited their vehicle and threatened the victim with a small baseball bat. The victim fled. Police were notified and given a suspect vehicle description. The call came in to dispatch at 0012 hrs and occurred at the 1500 blk of Hermosa Ave.  Suspect vehicle was a black SUV last seen S/B Hermosa ave.  Weapon was a baseball bat.  Phone was stolen.  Ofc. Higgins saw the car and chased it from 10th street up to sunset then north across Pier to N/B Loma where it crashed through the barricade at 19th street and stopped.  The 3 males bailed out of the car while the female juvie stayed in the car and was arrested.  A perimeter was set up in the area around the church at 19th and Loma.  MBPD assisted in the perimeter and searched with their K9.  A helicopter as called in (AIR 21)and the suspects were all finally captured by 0130.  No injuries to anyone.  The gas tank on the expedition was punctured when Ofc. Higgins drove over the broken down barricade at the end of the pursuit.  Arrested for 211 was a male Hispanic adult 18 yrs of Downey, Male Hispanic Adult 20 yrs of Inglewood, Male Hispanic Adult 27 yrs of Lennox, and a Femal Hispanic Juvenile 17 yrs from Hawthorne. 

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