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Thank you HBPD for catching the criminals and keeping our streets safe! 


On 5-30-08 at 10:28 PM hours, officers responded to the intersection of 14th Street and Manhattan Avenue regarding a robbery with a handgun which had just occurred.
The Victims stated that approximately three minutes prior to contacting police dispatch, they had been walking southbound on the west sidewalk of the 1400 Block of Manhattan Avenue. The suspect walked up to them from behind and nudged the victim with an unidentified object. The Victims both turned around and looked at the suspect. The following incident occurred at an approximately one arm's length distance between the suspect and the victims. The suspect cocked a handgun (referring to the back and forth motion of its slide), pointed the handgun at one Victim's chest and said, "Give me all your money." Due to fear for his safety, one Victim handed the suspect approximately $55.00 dollars. The suspect also pointed his handgun at the other victim and asked her for her purse; however she was not carrying a purse. The suspect then asked the victims for their cellular telephones, and allowed both victims to remove their SIM cards from their cellular telephones prior to taking them. While removing their SIM cards, the suspect told the victims to "Hurry up!" Both victims removed their SIM cards from their telephones, and one victim also removed the battery from her telephone. The suspect then took the telephones and walked away from the victims heading northbound in the 1400 Block of Manhattan Avenue. The suspect was last seen near the intersection of 16th Street and Manhattan Avenue. The victims walked to the intersection of 14th Street and Manhattan Avenue, contacted a friend, and used that friend's cellular telephone to contact police dispatch. Both victims told HBPD that they gave the suspect their property because they feared for their safety.
At 10:38 PM, Officer Faulk (#175) stopped a vehicle in the 2400 Block of Palm Drive. Both suspect were detained and later arrested for robbery after an investigation. The property and money was recovered. One suspect was a 16 year old from Los Angeles that was later transported to juvenile hall and the other suspect was identified as Michael Morgan, 21 years old from Los Angeles.  
Anyone with information or other victims are requested to contact the Hermosa Beach detective bureau at (310) 318-0351.

Tom Thompson, Sergeant

Hermosa Beach Police Department

Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch

Post Office Box 504

Hermosa Beach, California 90254