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Student approached on way to school by a stranger



An 8th grade student was dropped off this AM around 8:15 AM at the corner of 16th and Valley. The female student walked down the "alley" between Vons and Aaron Bros. on her way to Starbucks.  As she neared the corner of Vons and the large parking lot she became aware of a slow moving vehicle near her.  She picked up the pace of walking and as she neared the corner of Vons the driver of the vehicle said to her, "Psst, come here."  The student immediately ran into Vons and waited until she felt safe.  The student exited the parking lot down the stairs to the green belt where she joined a friend and other adults. 



Vehicle description:

A dark green, boxy mini van. Could be an older model vehicle - a little dirty.



Driver description:

Caucasian male, middle aged, average height in vehicle, with brown, shoulder length,

curly hair, greased back.  He had a bald spot in front. 




A police report was made at Hermosa Valley School with HBPD. E-blast sent to

Hermosa Valley and View school community.   

Supervision  aides notified.

Neighborhood Watch notified.  



Teri Tsosie
Director of Technology
Hermosa Beach City School District
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
310-937-5888 x218