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Unknown Man Follows Middle School Student Home 



On Wednesday after dismissal, a middle school student was walking home alone.


A male in a gray hoodie and running pants, white tennis shoes, was on the Loma Ramp.


He followed the boy up the switchbacks and all the way to his home. The student felt threatened. The boy entered his home and observed the man outside in front of his home. The parent of the student called the police.


The man left quickly and the police did not find him but a report was made.


Increased patrols are in effect.  School personnel are monitoring activity on the Loma ramp. The school gate is locked during school hours.


Faculty and staff were notified today and teachers discussed safety rules with the students.


There has been an uptick in incidences in So. Calif. recently regarding children and strangers and we want all of our school community to be aware of safety measures for our children.



Safety Memo For School Children

To:   The Hermosa Valley School Community  


From:   Dr. Rita Flynn, Principal  


Date:   May 11, 2011 


Subject:  Revisiting Safety for Students Walking to and From School  


A recent incident prompts us to revisit safety measures with our

students when they are walking to or from school.  Please review

safety rules with your children.  It is always best if they are

walking with a friend.  If there is any person in their environment

outside of school who is making them feel uncomfortable, advise

children to report immediately to school personnel (if they are near school) or to a parent  (if they are near home).  If a student encounters a stranger who makes them feel uncomfortable, seek an adult for assistance immediately.


If a stranger approaches a child outside the school, remind children

never to engage and to get help from an adult.  Report all incidents

to school personnel and the parents.   


It is prudent to periodically review safety measures with our children.


Our environment is always safer when we all are alert, knowledgeable and watchful.  


Thank you.  

Rita Flynn

Principal, Hermosa Valley School