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MBNW Alert regarding workmen scam

Hi everybody,


The following message is from a block captain who received this information from one of her neighbors. This incident regarding people posing as workers happened on Friday, October 22 around noon. Please pass this important information on to your blocks and tell everyone to be aware.


A man in a hard hat rang a door bell in the 1500 block of 19th Street and told the homeowner he was working on the house behind his. He said that a sewage pipe broke and it might be leaking into his yard. He asked the resident to go to the backyard with him and insisted that he also bring along his wife. The couple felt uncomfortable with this request especially since there were two more workmen waiting in front of the house. Instead, the husband told the guy to go around back and he would meet him there. The guy started to go around but returned to the front door telling the wife he had trouble opening the gate and needed to go through the house. So the wife escorted him to the backyard where the guy then asked the husband to turn on the faucet inside the house. The husband questioned why the regular water line would have anything to do with a sewage pipe break. Just at that moment one of the men from out front came in through the house uninvited. The wife immediately said she was going to call 911. The guy in the hard hat said they needed to go talk to their supervisor and they all left quickly in a car.


The homeowners called the police who did a neighborhood search but could not find the workmen. The police also discovered that no work was being done behind their house. The couple is very thankful they were not harmed or burglarized.  


Thank you kindly to our block captain for sharing this information with us. This is Neighborhood Watch in action and the couple did exactly as they should have. They became suspicious and called the police. If you experience anything remotely like this, please don't hesitate to call 911 immediately.


Stay safe,




Sally Rendler
Police Administrative Clerk
P: (310) 802-5184 

City of Manhattan Beach, CA

Another incident like this in Hawthorne ended more tragically.

Stay Alert!

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