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Attempted Kidnapping Alert

There was an attempted kidnapping of a 9 year old girl and an eleven year old boy last week on Friday 02/26/10 at 7:30am in Redondo Beach.

The vehicle is described as an old maroon car (or station wagon) with tinted windows where the tinting is bubbling.

The paint on the vehicle was so old that it had white spots where paint begins to oxidize.

The passenger side door had what looked like a thin strip of wood down the middle of the vehicle (like a door molding).

The man was white 45 to 55 with shoulder length brown and grey stringy hair.

He was wearing aviator style black framed sun glasses and had facial hair from not shaving.

Please let everyone you know in the surrounding beach communities to keep their eyes open for this person and vehicle.

If you see a vehicle and person matching this description please get the plate number and call 911.

If you have any information please contact the Redondo Beach police department detective Jordon 310.379.2477 ext 2308

Talk to your children.  Tell them what to do if someone asks them for a ride.

The eleven year old boy saved his sisters life and knew exactly what to do - he screamed and ran - his sister froze - he went back and grabbed his sister and pulled her away from the vehicle and ran.

Article from the Daily Breeze

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