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What a great example of this program working.  We gave you information regarding a possible scam involving persons representing Verizon and you did the two things that we encourage all residents to do; communicate and call the police to let them know who is in the neighborhood.

The HB Police Officers were able to get to the "bottom line" on what Verizon representatives are doing walking the streets of Hermosa Beach asking for "upgrades" to the Internet.

We feel that we finally have the answer. 

A resident, informed by the e-mails sent out by her Block Captain, approached a representative claiming to be from Verizon.

Here is the e-mail sent to us:

I had a guy knock on my door 2 nites ago trying to upgrade my service at 7:15 at night. I called the police immediately afterward. I called the police again tonight cuz the same guy came back. When I confronted him, he said he "welcomed the police" so I called them. They called me back and said it's legit but they need to get a Hermosa business license. (They have a MB one).

Now that you have read the information on the HB Municipal Code regarding the requirement of a business permit and the limitations on manner of soliciting in our community and you have seen a sample copy of the permit given to the business to solicit, YOU are now able to confirm immediately if a person has a genuine solicitor permit issued by the City of Hermosa Beach.  This information is now the tool that you have on whether or not you choose to purchase their product or donate to their cause.  "Buyer Beware" as they say.

Residents have sent a strong message that we are paying attention and looking out for ourselves and our neighbors!  This Verizon representative will now need to tell their boss to get a Hermosa Beach business permit.  Once they fill out that application, they will see that it is not OK to solicit after 7:00p.m.! 

Thank you HBNW members for your diligence! 

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