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Hermosa Beach Police Department
Press Release
April 6, 2009                                       
For Immediate Release
"Hermosa Beach woman fights off would-be abductors that tried to pull her into their van."
Suspects:    Three male Hispanic adults
                    Dark clothing
Suspect Vehicle:  Dirty older White Van with sliding door and small back windows.
Victim:     Female Adult, 20's, Identity Withheld
               Hermosa Beach Resident                     
On 04-06-09 at about 2:00PM, HBPD officers responded to a report of an attempted kidnapping.  The victim was walking in the area of 4th Street in Hermosa Beach.  The described van pulled up near the victim with the two suspects seated in the cab and one in the back.  One of the suspects asked the victim for directions.  As the victim approached the van to give directions, the van door swung open, and one of the suspects tried to physically pull the victim into the van.  The victim saw ropes inside the van.  The victim fought back, and was able to escape from the suspects grasp. The victim fled the area and called police.  The van was last seen fleeing the area in an unknown direction.
HBPD officers along with surrounding agencies checked the area for the suspect with negative results.
This incident may be related to a similar incident that occurred in Redondo Beach on 01-03-09.
Anyone with information about either incident is encouraged to call Detective Dorothy Scheid at (310) 318-0360.
Sergeant Robert Higgins #148
Hermosa Beach Police Department
540 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254