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HBNW/HBPD Awareness

Secret Shoppers 


Attention Block Captains,

  Please help us to get this message out to our HBNW members!

 Please advise the NW members that any emails or job offers soliciting people to be "Secret Shoppers" or "Company Representatives" is fraud.

 Many victims are using their credit cards to secretly shop at stores or wire transfer centers (Western Union) in exchange for payment. Victims are asked to document customer service, sales help attitudes, and store conditions. Also, victims are asked in some cases to "help" out of country business' process international checks and in return the victim keeps a small percentage of the funds processed.
If it sounds to easy or good to be true, IT IS.
 Detective Mick Gaglia
Hermosa Beach Police Department
540 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 318-0348