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 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Department of Justice are warning consumers about email and phone calls from scammers claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).  The IRS does not gather information for rebates by telephone.  Nor does it send unsolicited e-mail to taxpayers about tax account matters.  Filing a tax return is the only way to apply for a tax refund; there is no separate application form.  Similarly, if you get an e-mail out of the blue from someone claiming to be from the IRS that asks you to call a phone number or e-mail back your personal information, don't click on ay links.  Forward it to, and then delete it.  Clicking on a link in an unsolicited e-mail carries risks of spyware, pagejacking, and phishing - threats that can lead to the theft of your identity.  The only official IRS web site is located at  Visit for more information about phishing scams.  For more information, visit


The information concerning the recent outbreaks of earthquakes left many confused and worried about an earthquake in Southern California. News media may be covering increased earthquake activity in certain regions; however there is still no way to accurately predict the next big earthquakes.  

While there's no way to predict earthquakes, we can still prepare. HBNW wants to remind you to take this opportunity to make sure you talk to your family, make a plan and be prepared.

The more prepared your school, family and community is in the event of a disaster, the more advantages we all have rebounding from future catastrophes.

Have a Grab 'n Go Bag for each person in the house in the event you need to evacuate due to fires, gas leaks or structural insecurity. If you need to evacuate, grab your bag and go. After disasters, resources are scarce and shelters may face overcrowding: do not leave if your home and its contents have suffered only moderate damage, or without utilities.




    Flashlight, batteries, or light sticks

     Portable radio and batteries

    Keys (house and car)

    Money (coins and bills)

    Cell phone (and charger)

    Dust masks or rag for smoke

    Glasses, contacts lenses and solutions

    Medications (at least one-week supply)

    Comfortable shoes, two pairs of socks

    Comfortable clothing (sweats, extra underwear)

    Jacket or sweatshirt

    Whistle (call for help if trapped)

    Emergency phone list, out-of-state contact #s

    Copies of important documents: insurance, identification, social security, medical records, etc.

    Good book, cards, crossword puzzles


    Photos, and keepsakes items (keep a small list of such sentimental items in your wallet for use in a hurry)

    Road map for alternate routes

    Drinking Water

    Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter)

Seniors, Disabled or Special Needs

    Food for special diet needs

    Batteries for hearing aids, wheelchair, etc.

    List of style and serial # of medical devices

    Special supplies: oxygen, catheters, etc.

    Prescriptions for eyeglasses (not older than one year)

    Personal sanitary items (Depends, disposable bags, ties, wipes)


Infant and Toddler

  • Formula, disposable bottles, nipples

  • Diapers and wipes

  • Instant baby cereal

  • Bowl and spoon

  • Sunscreen

  • At least two changes of clothes and a Light jacket

  • Tylenol, Triaminic and other medications

  • Firm soled slippers or shoes

  • Toys, books, stuffed animals

Pet Grab 'n Go Bag

  • Food

  • Water and Bowls (non-spill able)

  • Collar, leash and muzzle

  • Treats, toy

  •   ID tag should always be on pet

  •   Extra name tag

  •  License number

  •  Name, address and phone number of veterinarian, animal control agency and shelters.

  • People to contact to take care of the animal

  •  Vaccination and medical records, allergy or other special instructions

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