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 Wednesday, August 28, 2012

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HBNW would like to say THANK YOU to block captain Janice Y. for hosting a MYN Training for the Marineland Mobile Home Park.



"We're going to be losing a lot of people, and they're not the people you'd want to lose," Pace said. "We have some of the most amazing employees. We can only do so much. We're at the point we're breaking. It breaks my heart." ....

HBNW founders feel leaders should be working to bring groups together and building up, rather than bringing community teams to the breaking point.




Tuesday, Sept. 11

7:00 PM

City Council Meeting

**this will be the meeting to discuss the Parking Enforcement Division of the HB Police Department.  Please come out to voice your comments. 




Wednesday, Sept. 12

7:00 PM 

School Board Meeting




Sunday, Sept. 16

12 NOON - 6:00 PM

Hermosa Beach Blood Drive

Sign up:  www.hbeach.givesblood.org

** all blood donors will receive an AMC movie ticket  and a ticket for 2 to The Comedy & Magic Club**




Tuesday, Sept. 18

7:00 PM 

Planning Commission



Tuesday, Sept. 18

7:00 PM

HB Disaster Service Workers




Wednesday, Sept. 19

7:00 PM

Public Works Commission




Thursday, Sept. 27

7:00 PM

City Council Meeting

(NOTE:  it has been moved from Tuesday, Sept. 25th)















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The span style="COLOR: red; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">CodeRED system gives Hermosa Beach city officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded emergency telephone notification messages. 



HBPD Crime Log
Courtesy of Sgt. Robert Higgins

Hermosa Beach Police Department

Traffic Division



For more incidents in Hermosa Beach, click here.





08-21-2012 thru 08-27-2012


(NFD=No further description, NFI=No further information)


57        misdemeanor arrests

5          felony arrest

28        moving violations issued

91        reports taken

577     calls for service handled


HBPD/AVOID the 100 DUI/CDL Checkpoint deployed on 8-24-2012 @ Artesia and Prospect.


  • Over 800 motorists where contacted.
  • 20 motorists were arrested for DUI related charges.
  • 16 motorists were cited for unlicensed/suspended license violations.
  • 34 vehicles were impounded pursuant to those arrests/citations. (AB353 was observed)
  • Lieutenant Thompson from the Hermosa Beach Police Department said, "The high number of drivers arrested for DUI at this checkpoint illustrates that DUI enforcement is an ongoing issue that requires unwavering attention from law enforcement." He went on to say, "If we saved one person from injury or death caused by one of these impaired drivers, we accomplished our goal".


08-21-2012 @ 10:00a.m.              

Suspicious Circumstances        

00 block of Pier Avenue              

Possible suspect stealing bikes. Area checked negative.


08-21-2012 @ 4:30a.m.                 

Trash Diggers                    

8th and Monterey    

Subjects stopped for trash digging. One subject had warrant for burglary and was arrested.


08-22-2012 @ 4:19p.m.                 

Identity Theft                      


Victim came to the station and is victim of identity theft.


08-22-2012 @ 9:28p.m.                 

Mentally ill               

200 block of The Strand  

located mentally ill subject. Returned home to family.


08-24-2012 @ 3:10a.m.                 

Traffic Collision     


Injury traffic collision involving a drunk driver. Driver arrested.


08-24-2012 @ 6:59p.m.                 

Stolen Car                                                   

Victim came to HBPD and reported their vehicle stolen.


08-24-2012 @ 4:05p.m.                 

Stolen bike/Burglary        

8th and Hermosa Avenue 

Officers locate burglary suspects, who run away on foot. While trying to catch one, the suspect punches an officer (no injuries). The suspects are arrested. One suspect was on parole for robbery and assault.


08-24-2012 @ 1:12p.m.                 

Vehicle Burglary    

10th and Bayview   

Items taken from unlocked car.


08-26-2012 @ 2:11a.m.                 


14th and Hermosa Avenue          

Purse stolen from victim. Suspect said he had a gun. Unable to locate suspect, or victim (??).


08-26-2012 @ 7:32p.m.                 


Lighthouse bar      

4 suspects beat up doorman at bar. Unable to locate the suspects.


08-26-2012 @ 6:29p.m.                 


00BLK of 11th Street         

Suspects enter the victims home, but fled before being able to take anything.


08-27-2012 @ 11:51p.m.               

Family Disturbance          

00 block of 4th                  

Family disturbance. Female party slashes her own wrists, taken to hospital.



HBFD Weekly Calls for Service
Courtesy of Fire Chief David Lantzer



Activity for August 19th to August 25th 2012

HBFD personnel extinguished a fire involving the engine compartment of a vehicle that was parked next to a structure. A short response time and quick on-scene actions by firefighters contributed towards containing the fire to the engine compartment of the vehicle. The cause of the fire was electrical. Another fire in Hermosa Beach involved a utility pole; that fire was started by arcing electrical wires. Hermosa Beach fire personnel assisted Redondo Beach Fire Department with a fire at Adams Middle School. That fire was contained to a motor in an air conditioning unit.



"Emergency Medical/Rescue" definitions:

  • Abdominal: Patients with non-traumatic abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, etc.
  • Behavioral: Patients overdoses on legal and/or illegal drugs, intoxicated, and/or suffering from psychosis.
  • Cardiac: Heart attacks, chest pain.
  • Environmental: Heat and cold-related emergencies, allergic reactions.
  • General Illness: Flu-related symptoms or non-specific illness complaints.
  • Neurological: Seizure, stroke, decrease level of consciousness.
  • Respiratory: Trouble breathing from various causes.
  • Trauma/Injury: Non-medical emergency. Physical injury to the body.
  • No Complaint: Dispatched to an incident, but subject had no medical complaints.
















Emergency Medical/Rescue


Traffic Collisions


HazMat/Hazard Conditions





Service Calls





Good Intent, No Emergency





Smoke/Fire Alarm Activation





Severe Weather



General Illness

















Auto/Mutual Aid Given



No Complaint


Auto/Mutual Aid Received













MBNW Crime Log
Josephine Blackwell
Police Intern Crime Prevention

P: (310) 802-5181
E: jblackwell@citymb.info









11:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.                  

1700 Block of Lynngrove Dr.

(Residential Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's house, possibly through an open front window. The suspect(s) ransacked several rooms and stole an IPad, ITouch, IPod, and Nikon camera.



1:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m.                    

1800 Block of Marine Ave.  

(Residential Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's house through an open window. The suspect(s) ransacked several rooms and stole an IPad. 


8/19/2012 - 8/20/2012                

9:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m.                    

200 Block of S. Poinsettia Ave.  

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's unlocked vehicle, which was parked in the driveway. The victim's purse, money, and documents were taken.


8/7/2012 - 8/12/2012                 

8:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.                    

400 Block of 23rd Pl.

(Residential Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victims' house through an open window and took two IPads, two IPods, a laptop, video camera, three camera bodies with 6 lenses, and a video camera.   


8/10/2012 - 8/11/2012                

7:30 p.m.-8:00 a.m.                    

300 Block of 21st Pl.  

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's open garage and stole the victim's golf clubs.



9:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m.                    

300 Block of 18th St.  

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's unlocked bicycle, which was left leaning against the side of the house.


8/17/2012 - 8/18/2012                

4:00 p.m.-10:30 a.m.                  

400 Block of Rosecrans Ave.

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's unlocked vehicle and stole a wallet containing various items.



8/17/2012 - 8/18/2012                 

9:00 p.m.-9:30 a.m.                    

400 Block of 33rd St. 

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's unlocked vehicle and stole a GPS device.




3:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m.                    

400 Block of Chabela Dr.

(Residential Burglary) The victims were approached by two suspects. One suspect distracted the victim by asking several questions related to the victim's car in the driveway. The second suspect entered the residence with the intent to commit theft. Victims were unsure if anything was taken.




11:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m.                 

1200 Block of Manzanita Ln.  

(Grand Theft) Unknown suspect(s) cut and stole the catalytic converter from the victim's vehicle.



8:00 p.m.                                   

2200 Block of Redondo Ave.    

(Stolen Vehicle) Unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's vehicle, which was parked on the street.



10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.                  

1500 Block of Manhattan Beach Blvd.  

(Residential Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's residence by using bodily force on the locked rear sliding glass door. The suspect(s) stole a laptop computer and two PlayStations.




5:35 p.m.-8:45 p.m.                    

600 Block of 19th St.

(Residential Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) pried open the screen and broke off the door handle to enter the victim's residence. The suspect(s) ransacked the bedroom and stole the victim's safe (containing jewelry, cash, and passport) from inside the closet.



8:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.                    

 600 Block of Manhattan Beach Blvd.

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's unlocked vehicle and stole an IPhone 4S and Ray-Ban sunglasses.



6:00 p.m.                                   

700 Block of 13th St. 

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's unlocked vehicle and stole a Panasonic digital camera, Fluke digital thermometer, and approximately $10from a compartment near the driver side door. 





10:00 p.m.-8:45 a.m.                  

200 Block of S. Poinsettia Ave.  

(Theft) Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's unlocked vehicle and stole a check located in a small filing box in the back seat.



























RBNW Crime Log



Please follow the link to learn about recently published weekly crime information.

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