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 Tuesday, April 3, 2012 




Tuesday, April 3

7:00 PM

Hermosa Beach Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting



Thursday, April 5

7:00 PM

Hermosa Beach Amateur

Radio Association Meeting

Meet at the HB Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Mr. Robert Singer is presenting a topic updating members on the Marine Radio Service.



Tuesday, April 10

7:00 PM

Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting


Wednesday, April 11

7:00 PM

School Board Meeting


Tuesday, April 17

7:00 PM

Planning Commission


Tuesday, April 17

7:00 P.M.

Hermosa Beach Disaster Service Workers (HBDSW)

Meet at the HB Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

More Information


Saturday, April 21

6th Annual

Hermosa Beach 5000 

Registration now open at www.hb5000.com.

See website for complete details. 

Tuesday, April 24

7:00 PM

Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting


Saturday, April 28

8:00 AM

25th Annual Richstone Pier-to-Pier Walkathon

Event Details and Registration






This is only a summary and more was discussed.  Thanks to Tracy Hopkins for attending the meeting and providing notes for HBNW readers.


Valley School Traffic and Parking meeting with Chief Johnson


Concerns and solutions were

written/posted by the Principal Pat Escalante.


A lesson learned was that if someone is illegally parked or another safety issue is seen in the residential area near the

school that it is important to get the details of the vehicle and person and then send

an e-mail report to both the Valley School Principal and also to Chief Johnson ASAP.  The issues need to be reported as they occur! 


It is possible for the 18th, 19th, 20th Street, Valley Park Ave. and Valley Drive concerns that there are a narrow group of parents that if they can be informed of the struggles they are having it will be able to be worked out.  With that in mind one suggestion was to have lawn signs made that say No Parking in Private Driveway or Blocking Driveway in bold/bright colors. 


When there is more data there will be more success in solving the issue. HBNW Surveys were distributed and returned to get feedback on concerns. See Crime Survey Form HERE.


Another important message is it is highly encouraged to learn when the School Board Meetings are held (see e-news calendar) and to view the Agenda (up to 5 days before the meeting) and watch the meeting to stay informed with what is going on. It is televised and then on the city website the next day.

If someone already is watching these meetings and is taking notes of actions that occur and what future actions will be happening there are many that would find that summary

information helpful. 


One idea is that a Facebook page could be set up and as the School Board meeting is being watched people can post comments about what is being discussed.





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Did you know that Hermosa Beach is the only city to assess the readiness of the residents in LA County? We need about 500 residents to again answer this survey for this year to get a better idea of how prepared we are as a city.
Thank you to our members who have already taken the survey! 

Please TAKE SURVEY now to participate.

All responses and personal information will be kept confidential. 




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SIGN UP for HB Emergency Notification System


The CodeRED system gives Hermosa Beach city officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded emergency telephone notification messages. 


HB Fire Department

Courtesy of Fire Chief David Lantzer 

Calls for Service 


Activity for the Week of

March 25th to March 31st












Emergency Medical/Rescue



Traffic Collisions


HazMat/Hazard Conditions





Service Calls





Good Intent, No Emergency





Smoke/Fire Alarm Activation





Severe Weather



General Illness

















Auto/Mutual Aid Received



No Complaint


Auto/Mutual Aid Given






Late in the evening on March 28th, Hermosa Beach Fire Department personnel responded to a 58 year old Hermosa Beach resident with a complaint of chest pain and shortness of breath.  A 12 lead electrocardiogram (EKG) was done promptly by fire department personnel and the patient was found to be having a myocardial infarction (heart attack).  Treatment and medications were started immediately and notification was made early to Little Company of Mary hospital, enabling hospital staff to summon the cardiologist and cardiac catheterization team before the Hermosa Beach Rescue ambulance even arrived at the hospital with the patient.


Thirty seconds out from the hospital the patient went into cardiac arrest.  Aaron Bush, the lone Hermosa Beach Fire Department paramedic in the back of the rescue with the patient immediately began CPR on the patient, at the same time preparing him for defibrillation.  Not an easy task when you are by yourself.  The hospital was even notified of the serious change in the patient's condition and was prepared to receive him.


The patient regained a pulse shortly after arrival in the emergency room and was taken to the catheterization lab where he was found to have 100% occlusion of one of his coronary arteries; a stent was placed and the occluding clot aspirated out.  The patient has since been discharged home in stable condition.


The nurse at LCM stated the following regarding HBFD's success in saving this man's life:  "The combination of a prompt response, teamwork, rapid assessment, and recognition that the patient was having an acute myocardial infarction, treatment, and transport saved this patient's life without a doubt.  I rarely see a scenario like this work so smoothly and patient outcome turn out the way this one did... (those) guys really care about their patients and the care they provide...that makes me very proud."


The single traffic collision incident occurred on Aviation Boulevard at Ocean Drive.  HBFD firefighters had to utilize the "Jaws of Life" in order to extricate two patients from one of the vehicles.  Unfortunately, one patient later died at the hospital.


The fire response was a building fire in Redondo Beach.  The hazardous condition incident involved a vehicle leaking transmission fluid.  Automatic/mutual aid was provided to Manhattan Beach 13 times and to Redondo Beach six (6) times and included 11 emergency medical incidents, the aforementioned building fire, and five (5) cancellations.


"Emergency Medical/Rescue" definitions: 

·         Abdominal:  Patients with non-traumatic abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, etc.

·         Behavioral:  Patients overdoses on legal and/or illegal drugs, intoxicated, and/or suffering from psychosis.

·         Cardiac:  Heart attacks, chest pain.

·         Environmental:  Heat and cold-related emergencies, allergic reactions.

·         General Illness:  Flu-related symptoms or non-specific illness complaints.

·         Neurological:  Seizure, stroke, decrease level of consciousness.

·         Respiratory:  Trouble breathing from various causes.

·         Trauma/Injury:  Non-medical emergency.  Physical injury to the body.

·         No Complaint:  Dispatched to an incident, but subject had no medical complaints.












HBNW Crime Log


Courtesy of HBPD

Motorcycle Officer, JR Smith   






3-27-12                        4:52PM                            100 block 2nd St

484 PC (Theft) There were two packages stolen from the front door on two consecutive days. This occurred earlier this month. No suspect information.


3-27-12                        7:21AM                            200 block of Valley Dr

459 PC (Burglary) Occurred overnight. Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's garage and took 2 bicycles which were not locked. The reporting party indicated that the garage was locked but there were no signs of forced entry. 


3-29-12                        7:59PM                                                                  600 block of The Strand

459 PC (Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) cuts chain to security gate and enters garage area and takes bicycle. No one was seen or heard, no suspect information.


3-29-12                        10:46AM                           700 block of Longfellow

20002 VC (Hit and Run) HBPD responded to a call of a Hit and Run in the area. The RP heard a crash and described the vehicle. A search of the area for the vehicle resulted in a near match with TC damage. The driver was passed out at the wheel. MB took the subject DUI as he was located in MB. The Hit and Run was reported and will be filed with HB. NOTE: Thank you for the great description and direction of travel on the suspect vehicle. Because of this we were able to located it.


3-30-12                        10:31AM                        1000 block of Prospect Ave  

484 PC (Theft) Occurred overnight. Misc. property taken from the victim's unlocked vehicle.


3-30-12                        2:27 PM                          2001 PCH (Parking garage)

487 PC (Theft) 2 bicycle taken from the carport. NOTE: Please copy down the serial number on all of your bicycles. This will aid the recover if it if it is ever taken.


3-31-12                        2:59PM                        Aviation and Ocean Dr

901T (Traffic Collision w/injuries) P-1 turned in front of P-2. P-2 continued downhill and slammed into a brick wall. Both the driver and passenger sustained major injuries and were taken to HGH. The flashing caution pole was destroyed and there was damage to Ocean Dinner.





MBPD Press Release!



Police Stings Result in 18 Arrests

Location: Beach Bathrooms

(Marine Ave @ The Beach)


Immediately following a phone call from concerned Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Manhattan Beach Police coordinated several undercover stings at the public restroom on the beach at Marine Avenue, which led to 18 arrests. Lifeguard staff at the Marine Avenue Headquarters noticed vandalism and suspicious activity by males in the bathroom.


MBPD and Lifeguard staff met to

address the issues and coordinate efforts to ensure safety to restroom users.

Some of the details provided by LA County Lifeguards included; the same men were frequently using and returning to the location, and men were loitering in the area as well as inside the restroom for long periods of time. In addition, Lifeguard and LA County Maintenance staff discovered graffiti that

depicted graphic sexual images as well as holes that were drilled in the partitions of the bathroom stalls. Detectives also began monitoring various internet sites, such as chat rooms and social networking where discussions of the Marine Bathroom were taking place. Based on the information

gathered, MBPD learned the public restroom was being used as a meeting place for sexual activity. Undercover detectives conducted a visual inspection of the restroom and set up surveillance of the location. Within minutes of their arrival, they made their first arrest. Coupled with the results of observations by the Lifeguards, internet discussions and surveillance operation, MBPD deployed

resources over numerous days. Including the first day of surveillance, a total of six (6) operations were dedicated to investigating and arresting subjects who were using the public restroom for unlawful sexual activities.


A total of 18 (eighteen) adult males were arrested, and their booking charges varied from:solicit/engage in lewd conduct in public place (647(a)PC), loiter in/around public toilet for the purposeof engaging/soliciting lewd/unlawful act (647(d)PC), utilize a peephole in a restroom - invasion of privacy (647(j)PC), resisting arrest (148(a)(1)PC) and indecent exposure (314.1PC).


After their booking at MBPD, each arrestee was released pending a court date or further investigation.


According to Manhattan Beach Chief of Police Eve R. Irvine, "Undercover operations in public

restrooms will be periodically conducted; and those who participate in illegal activity will be arrested."





MBNW Crime Log



Courtesy of MBNW

Sally Rendler

Police Administrative Clerk

P: (310) 802-5184

E: srendler@citymb.info



Here are the latest crime reports to pass on to your blocks. Also, please read the following alert sent on behalf of Detective Sergeant Brian Brown, MBPD.


Per the U.S. Postal Service, some postal customers are receiving bogus emails from the U. S. Postal Service about an attempted or intercepted package delivery.  The link in the emails contain a virus that can steal personal information from your computer.




Simply delete the email.  The USPS is working on the problem.  If you have questions about a suspicious postal email or wish to report spam, contact the Postal Inspection Service


Thank you



3/27/12                12 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.                 800 block of 8th St

(Theft from Vehicle) Unknown suspect(s) stole an iPod and a bag containing jackets from an unlocked vehicle that was parked in front of the residence.


Area 6

3/28/12 - 3/29/12   9 p.m. - 11 a.m.                      300 block of Crest Dr

(Vandalism to Vehicle) The victim parked her vehicle on the street and returned to discover unknown suspect(s) had keyed the driver's side door and slashed open the passenger window canopy.


3/27/12 - 3/28/12  11 p.m. - 2:35 a.m.                 700 block of Rosecrans Av

(Burglary from Vehicle) The victim's vehicle was parked on the street when a police officer saw the driver's side window had been smashed. Unknown suspect(s) had reached in the vehicle and stole an iPod, laptop, and cell phone from the floor behind the driver's seat.


3/25/12               4 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.                    200 block of 45th St

(Tampering with Vehicle) The victim's vehicle was parked in the driveway when the alarm sounded. Unknown suspect(s) punched out the driver's side door lock but did not gain entry to the vehicle and nothing was taken.


News Update

On 3/29/12, a male subject stole a laptop and cell phone from the office of a business located in the 2000 block of Sepulveda, while using the restroom as a ruse. The GPS locator was initiated on the cell phone and it was tracked to a location where detectives arrested the subject.



3/17/12 - 3/19/12      9 a.m. - 10a.m.                    300 block of N. Meadows Av

(Theft from Vehicle) Unknown suspect(s) stole keys and three watches from an unlocked vehicle that was parked in the driveway.


3/23/12 - 3/25/12    3 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.                2500 block of Palm Av

(Attempted Vehicle Burglary) The victim parked his locked vehicle on the street. He returned to discover the door handle housing had been pried with an unknown tool, but entry was not made to the vehicle. No suspects were seen or heard and no valuables had been left inside the vehicle, except the third row seat.



3/23/12               4:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.                 2300 block of Oak Av

(Residential Burglary) The victims secured their residence upon leaving and when they returned they noticed the front door and patio door were both ajar. The office and a bedroom had been ransacked and several items were stolen including two computers, a camera, suitcase and a watch. There were no signs of forced entry and no suspects were seen or heard.



3/12/12 - 3/22/12     8 p.m. - 2 p.m.                      3200 block of Alma Av

(Residential Garage Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) entered the closed, but unlocked garage and stole several items including a bicycle, surfboard and computer. 


3/24/12                      1 a.m. - 4 p.m.                      3400 block of Palm Ave

(Burglary from Vehicle) Unknown suspect(s) punched the driver's side door lock and stole two duffel bags containing gym clothes, swim goggles and fins. The vehicle had been parked in front of the residence.


















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