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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


January Calendar

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Wed, January 18

7:00 PM

Public Works Commission



Mon, January 23

7:00 PM

Emergency Preparedness Commission



Tues, January 24

7:00 PM

City Council Meeting



Sat, January 28

9:00 AM

Too Toxic to Trash - Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Roundup

Location:  Clark Stadium, Valley Drive between 8th & 11th Streets

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(program this number in YOUR CELL PHONE for an emergency or a non emergency in HB)


 HB Police Dept.

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HB Fire Station

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HB City Hall

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HB Amateur Radio Assoc.




Order P.A.L. Kit


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Accurate Emergency Services


SIGN UP for HB Emergency Notification System


The CodeRED system gives Hermosa Beach city officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded emergency telephone notification messages.

HB Disaster Preparedness Logo For over 6 years HBNW has been working to help residents learn steps to "target harden" their home and vehicle to prevent crimes, how to report a crime and how to be prepared for emergencies or disasters that may occur. 


To do this we have held Block Meetings at a hosting Block Captain's home with their neighborhood residents where this has allowed for one-on-one contact, which is essential to the program, as it allows residents to familiarize themselves with each other.


We have provided regular crime reports so you can be aware of what crimes are occurring in your area and take action to prevent similar crimes from happening to you and your neighbors.


We have also provided training in preparedness with the Map Your Neighborhood Program.  In February, the 2000 block of Hillcrest will meet and be trained in the 9 steps to take to Connect, Prepare, and Respond after a disaster occurs, allowing for fewer serious injuries, less loss of life and reduced property damage.  The Hillcrest block, will join with many other blocks who have trained to be a prepared and ready community.


In the next few months we will have the opportunity to again assess our progress with a survey that will be offered to residents as in previous years.  Last year we reached a plateau in our progress according to the survey results. 


As recent events around the world have reminded us, disasters rarely affect just a single person or household.  Devastation impacts entire neighborhoods and communities.  In a disaster the people that surround you - your neighbors and fellow community members - will be the ones you turn to for immediate help.  And very likely they will turn to you.  Are you ready?



Are you prepared for an emergency? Quiz yourself on the questions below to see just how prepared you are. If you don't know the answer to some of the questions, ask us, or visit Ready.gov for tips and resources that can help make sure you, your family, and your community are Ready.


* Does your local government have an emergency or disaster plan for your community? If so, do you know what it is?

* Do you know how to find the emergency broadcasting channel on the radio?

* Does your city/county have an emergency alert system? Is so, are you signed up to get alerts?

* Do you know your local evacuation routes? How would you get out of town from work? How about from home?

* In the last year, have you prepared or updated your Emergency Supply Kit with emergency supplies like water, food and medicine that is kept in a designated place in your home? Visit Ready.gov for an Emergency Supply Kit checklist.

* In the last year, have you prepared a small kit with emergency supplies that you keep at home, in your car or where you work to take with you if you had to leave quickly?

* In the last year, have you made a specific plan for how you and your family would communicate in an emergency situation if you were separated?

* Are you prepared to help your neighbor? In most emergencies, the best way to get help quickly is by working with your neighbors. Do you know anyone in your neighborhood who might need a little extra help preparing for or responding to an emergency?

* Have you established a specific meeting place for your family to reunite in the event you and your family cannot return home or are evacuated?

* In the last year, have you practiced or drilled on what to do in an emergency at home?

* In the last year, have you volunteered to help prepare for or respond to a major emergency?

* Have you taken first aid training such as CPR in the past five years?


There is no greater force than people joining forces.  And there is no strength greater than strength in numbers.  Connecting, Preparing and Responding together will be critical to our survival.


~Sincerely, Tracy Hopkins


This website was emailed to us.  Not sure if you find it useful or scary.  Either way, it is out there.




Go to website



Just go to the website and put in your address and you will get names attached to the address around your neighborhood.

When neighbors start talking, good things happen.


HBNW would like to thank one of our founding members, Nancy Amato for bringing this great idea to our attention.  It is called  NEXTDOOR


I have gone online and checked out the site.  It seems that Block Captains would have fun using this site for their immediate neighborhood.  You are already keeping your neighbors in touch through our HBNW Crime Log and ENews.   This is just an additional tool to communicate with your neighbors.  ~ Kelly Kovac-Reedy


What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor allows communities to easily create private websites to facilitate communication among neighbors and build stronger neighborhoods.

Nextdoor was created based on the idea that the neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person's life. Nextdoor's mission is to use technology to help neighbors build stronger and safer neighborhoods.

How does Nextdoor work?

Each neighborhood creates a private Nextdoor website that is accessible only to the residents of that neighborhood. Once neighbors join their neighborhood website, they can find neighbors in the resident directory, view a neighborhood map, ask for advice, exchange local recommendations, and share neighborhood information with each other. Residents can choose to see and respond to updates via email, or only on the website.

What types of things do people do on Nextdoor?

Residents can use their Nextdoor website to ask questions, request and share local service recommendations, sell or donate items they no longer need, and help each other in ways that benefit the entire neighborhood. 

Here are some examples of how people are using Nextdoor:

*Giving an extra armchair to a neighbor

*Getting introduced to a great new babysitter

*Organizing a neighborhood barbecue

*Learning more about upcoming construction projects



Courtesy of HBPD Interim Chief of Police, Steve Johnson



Crime Log will be provided next week for this past week and this current week.  The Captain who does the HBNW Crime Log is now the Chief of Police.  He has been very busy moving his office.  Thanks for your understanding!



Courtesy of Sally Rendler




Police Administrative Clerk

P: (310) 802-5184

E: srendler@citymb.info




On December 31, 2011, patrol officers from Manhattan Beach Police Department conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation. During the course of the contact, the driver, Ryan Doherty (03/13/88) a Manhattan Beach resident was found to be in possession of suspected stolen property and narcotic paraphernalia.


Doherty, who is currently on felony probation for prior drug and theft related offenses was booked on a charge of possession of stolen property. Doherty was released after

posting $20,000 bond.


A few days later, MBPD Detectives conducted a search of Doherty's residence where a variety of suspected stolen property and more narcotic paraphernalia was recovered.

Doherty was again arrested and charged with: possession of stolen property, possession of narcotic paraphernalia, as well as violation of probation. Doherty was released after posting $100,000 bond.


Among the property that was recovered from Doherty's residence, two Apple Ipod's have been confirmed as stolen from vehicles in Manhattan Beach within the last 30 days. Detectives are currently working to locate/identify additional victims and/or

property owners. If you have any information regarding Doherty's crimes, please contact: Detective John

Nasori @ 310-802-5133



1/4/12 - 1/5/12        7 p.m. - 6 a.m.     1600 block of 18th St

(Theft from Vehicles) Unknown suspect(s) entered two vehicles that were parked in the driveway, ransacked both and took an iPod, GPS, and wallet containing cash from one of the vehicles. The victim was certain both vehicles had been locked using a remote. Another vehicle on the block that was left unlocked was also ransacked, but nothing was missing from the vehicle.



1/3/12 - 1/4/12         7 p.m. - 7 a.m.      400 block of 20th St

(Theft from Vehicle) Unknown suspect(s) stole a small wallet containing credit cards from an unlocked vehicle that was parked behind the residence. A small charge was made to one of the credit cards.



1/3/12 - 1/4/12        3 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.      600 block of 27th St

(Theft from Vehicles) Unknown suspect(s) entered two unlocked vehicles, one that was parked in the driveway and another that was parked in front of the driveway. Suspect(s) rummaged through both vehicles and stole a day planner and small wallet containing credit cards from one of the vehicles. Suspect(s) attempted to use one of the credit cards.



1/3/12 - 1/4/12         11 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.     700 block of 29th St

(Theft from Vehicles) Unknown suspect(s) stole items from two unlocked vehicles that were parked in front of the residence. Items taken included a garage door opener and a cell phone from one vehicle and two leather headrests, a vehicle manual and change from the other.



1/8/12 - 1/9/12        8 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.      1400 block of 9th St

(Vehicle Vandalism) Unknown suspect(s) smashed the driver's side window of the locked vehicle that was parked on the street. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.



1/6/12           11:30 a.m. - 1:20 p.m.            400 block of 1st St

(Residential Burglary) The victim was outside for a few hours and believes the front door was closed but unlocked. Unknown suspect(s) entered the residence and stole a cell phone from the kitchen counter, ransacked the bedroom and stole a purse containing cash, gift cards and credit cards.












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