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 Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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:: Code RED - Emergency Notification System for HB


:: HBNW/HBPD Crime Log


:: Life Safety/Occupancy Enforcement

:: MBNW/MBPD Crime Log

:: RBNW/RBPD Crime Log



:: AMATEUR RADIO CLASS! March 28th, April 4th and test date of April 11th

:: C.E.R.T. ~ Community Emergency Response Team

:: Volunteers in Policing

:: HB Amateur Radio Association


:: TAG YOUR UTILITY VALVES ~ Accurate Emergency Services




:: IMPORTANT HB Phone Numbers and Websites


 Why Does It Matter Today?

Staying informed is more important than ever.

We know that everyone has been touched by the tough economic times.  Some of us kissed and some of us slapped!   

Today, Americans are making financial decisions not knowing what is going to happen in the next few months let alone planning for the upcoming years.  The delivery of new information is constant and it is not always what one had hoped to hear.  We are bombarded with television and radio messages concerning our Federal and State Budget status.   

Our City Council members will be forced (just like you are in your personal and/or professional life) to make hard decisions that will effect the services of all city departments which includes Police and Fire/Paramedic.

We can't think of a more positive way to stay engaged with your community then to become aware of local concerns that will directly impact your family (if not now...soon) and speak up in a healthy, constructive forum.   Please review the agenda link in our weekly e-news for City Council meetings to see if you would like to voice your suggestions or concerns about upcoming budget items.  Tough decisions will be made.  Make sure you are heard!

Thank you for your continued support of your community!  ~  Kelly and Tracy 

57th Annual Hermosa Beach Sand & Strand Run
and Celebration Walk!
March 22, 2009

Dear Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch,
We are inviting you to participate in the most unique event in the South Bay - the Annual Hermosa Beach Sand & Strand Run - with the newest segment, a Celebration Walk!  

The race is the second oldest in the Los Angeles area and the only distinctive course design where 45% is on the famous Strand and 55% is right on the beach Sand. 

The event includes:  2.5 and 5 mile runs; Munchkin Race (ages 10 and under); and a Celebration Walk.  With 1,000's of participants, their families, and cheering on-lookers, our event regularly draws a fun-loving mass of humanity!
All proceeds from the event benefit the youth and family programs of PROJECTtouch, a community-based, non-profit counseling organization serving the special needs of at-risk youth and their families.  The Celebration Walk will be held this year to commemorate 35 years of service in the South Bay.
NOTE:  PROJECTtouch is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation, ID# 23-7332857.  So, donations to Sand & Strand are Tax Deductible!
We greatly appreciate your consideration in sponsoring our event.  Please contact us with any questions or comments.
Dorothy M. Forba-Hartley
Assistant Director      
(310) 902-6740


Saving for School

   300 surveys received.

Hermosa Schools in crisis!


90% of school funding comes from a State on the verge of Bankruptcy


 Project Forward

Project Forward wants to hear from you!


Your opinions are important and will help define the future of the Hermosa Beach Community


Make yourself a part of education in Hermosa!


Project Forward Town Hall Forum

Saturday March 28th at 10:00 AM

City Council Chambers

1315 Valley Dr., Hermosa Beach


Project Forward Survey


Take the online survey now!


View and print the survey now! 


Project Forward Committee

c/o 1645 Valley Drive

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


Did you know...?


  • only 15% of Hermosa households have children, compared to almost 30% in Manhattan Beach
  • there has been a steady increase in students in Hermosa Schools over the past 10 years
  • North School would require significant life safety and handicapped disability upgrades to re-open
  • Hermosa Beach City School District teachers' and school administrators' salaries are all public record
  • 3 of 5 School Board seats are open in the November election





Come join your neighbors in Project Forward's 2nd Town Forum.  These meetings are open to the public and include Project Forward updates and community discussion forums.  Today we will get an overview on school financing, curriculum, and how studies have shown that strong education benefits the community at large. 


AGENDA - Saturday, March 28, 2009 - Hermosa City Council Chambers


10am - Introduction

10:10 - Curriculum, finance and peer review presentations

10:30 - Questionnaire update

10:35 - Preliminary guiding principles

10:40 -  Questions and Answers, Community Brainstorming / Discussion

12pm - Adjourn


Come get answers to these types of questions:


  • Should Hermosa continue to have and maintain its own School District?
  • What does Education in Hermosa mean to me?
  • Can we afford education in Hermosa?
  • How good are our schools?
  • What level of excellence shall our schools provide?
  • Is there a question of trust and why?

We THANK YOU for your feedback! 


Your Opinion Counts 

HB Neighborhood Watch ~ a crime awareness and disaster preparedness neighborhood program. 


To view all Active Blocks in HBNW, click here.

If you have not had an INTRODUCTION Block Meeting, your block is not considered an active block in HBNW.  You may have volunteered to be your block's captain and receive the HBNW E-Mails.  However, we do not know if you are connected to your residents until you have had this meeting.  Please e-mail us today if you have not had it.


PLEASE let us know if you have extra Block Meeting PACKETS that we can pick up from you after you have passed them out to the residents that did not show at your Introduction Meeting.  Thanks!


Upcoming Introduction Block Meetings

MARCH 2009

Mar 18

Combined Block Meeting 

Cathy Lieb 

Valley Park Ave.

Marcei Brown  500 block of 18th Street 

Mar 25  

Maggie Dettelbach

1100-1200 block of 9th Street


APRIL 2009


Apr 1

Tamra Blair

600 - 700 block of 11th Street


Apr 29

Barbara York

24th Street/Hillcrest Drive Cul-de-Sac


JUNE 2009


June 3

Linda Verbrugge & Ann Marie Griffin

1400 - 1500 block of Bonnie Brae Street


June 10

Manny Serrano

800 - 900 Block of Monterey Blvd.


June 24

Steve Silver
900 - 1000 block of 16th Street


JULY 2009 


July 8

Jay Perreault

Hill Street 


HB Disaster Preparedness Logo


Here's Something To Think About...
Commit a weekend to updating telephone numbers, buying emergency supplies and reviewing your emergency plan with everyone.



Watching out and helping out is a key principle of crime prevention. But just how much do people know and trust their neighbors?
Today more than three out of four Americans believe they can personally do something to prevent crimes from occurring.
In uniting neighbors with neighbors, in watching out and helping out, they also enhance the capacity for emergency preparedness. After all, hometown safety is at the core of homeland security. A neighborhood, whether it be a suburban community or downtown area or even a busy port, is more secure against a natural disaster or a terrorist attack when its residents or workers are already united in a common purpose.

McGruff LOGO


The National Crime Prevention Council's mission is to be the nation's leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime.  

NCPC was founded in 1982 to manage the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign and McGruff the Crime Dog and to administer the Crime Prevention Coalition of America. Now 25 years after McGruff's first TV appearance, more than 75 percent of children recognize McGruff and over 4,000 law enforcement agencies own a McGruff suit. That's a lot of people who know how to "Take A Bite Out Of Crime!"

Over the next five years, NCPC will seize opportunities to address the challenges incumbent on the nation's -- and the world's -- premier center of excellence for crime prevention.  We will aggregate this work under a powerful unifying theme, Safer With McGruff.  

The new Strategic Plan (PDF) outlines NCPC's goals for the future as well as past accomplishments.

It's easy to get involved in crime prevention. Find out how you can "Take A Bite Out Of Crime" or learn about a specific crime prevention issue.




FolderAlcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Tips, information, and publications aimed at preventing substance abuse


Information and resources to help prevent the serious problem of bullying

FolderConflict Resolution

Tips on controlling anger and publications intended to promote nonviolence and diplomacy


Don't become a victim of fraud or identity theft! Use these tips and publications to learn more.

PageHalloween Safety

Trick or Treat Safety Tips


Information and resources regarding hate crimes and bias

FolderHome and Neighborhood Safety

Crime prevention and personal safety tips to help keep you and your community safe from crime

FolderNeighborhood Watch

Tools and Resources To Help You Start or Maintain a Neighborhood Watch Program

FolderPersonal Safety

Here you will find information on how to stay safe, and keep yourself from becoming a victim of crime.


Find out what you can do for Homeland Security, and learn how to prepare for natural disasters.

FolderSchool Safety

Tips and resources for students, parents, and teachers to help keep America's schools safe


Stay informed on how technology affects crime trends, and keep yourself safe from high-tech crimes.


Tips and resources to help prevent violent crime, plus information and publications for victims of violence


Find something you enjoy while making a tremendous difference in the lives of others.

FolderWork Safety

Take crime prevention to work.

FolderBy Audience

Please select the section which best describes you.


Everyone plays a role in creating and maintaining a safe environment.


Report Crime - Don't assume that your neighbors have already reported the crime or that the police already know. Report criminal or suspicious activity each and every time it occurs.


DIRECT HB Dispatch Number 


Reasons for calling the non-emergency number include, but are not limited to the following:


  • You want to report a nuisance, such as a noise or parking complaint.
  • To report a non-emergency crime, one that did not just occur, and the
    suspect(s) are not in the immediate area.
  • You have questions about something suspicious occurring in your
    neighborhood, and you are not sure it is criminal activity.
  • Solicitor just came to your door or are in the neighborhood.
  • Trash diggers.

Be alert and observant wherever you are and learn to recognize signs of criminal behavior. Report all crime to the HBPD even if it is only an attempt. Crime cannot be controlled or prevented if it is not reported. By reporting crimes and suspicious activities you can protect yourself and others.

 If you are in another city in the South Bay, these are their direct dial phone numbers to their PD/FD dispatch. 


El Segundo Dispatch  310-524-2760

Manhattan Beach Dispatch 310-545-4566

Palos Verdes Dispatch 310-378-5211

Redondo Beach Dispatch 310- 379-5411

Torrance Dispatch 310-320-2611


If you are in a city that you do not know or are on the freeways, call 9-1-1 and your call will be routed to the appropriate call center.




A link to the city web page for residents to go to add their phone number to the city telephone notification/information message system, Code Red. The link provides information about the system, how it will be used and allows residents to add their phone number so they will be in the system for city notifications.


The CodeRED system gives city officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded emergency telephone notification/information messages.
No one should automatically assume his or her phone number is included. All businesses should register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the last year, and who use a cellular phone as their primary home phone. 


When you receive a call from CODE RED, the number will be displayed on your caller ID as (999)911-9999.






 Map Your Neighborhood Logo





1:00P.M. - 3:30P.M.



  MYN materials, light snack, HBNW bottled water and a MYN bag (see below) provided when you pre-register.
Reserve your seat TODAY! 


Thank you for pre-registering!


Co-Block Captain Molly Jo Gee

Co-Block Captain Shauna Valenzuela

Rolling Hills City Manager Tony Dahlerbruch

Rolling Hills Block Captain Marcia Gold


 Patty Davies 
Jilleen Taylor 
Barbara Willis
Guy Grimm 
Al Chacon
Joe Pinato 
Ron Makorn
Grant Moriyama 
Barbara Watkins

"Map Your Neighborhood" (MYN) is a program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters.  It is a program that HBNW has adopted and is mandatory that all Block Captains attend and implement on their street.


MYN will help you to:

·         Learn the "9 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster" to secure your home and to protect your neighborhood. It is hard to think clearly following disaster and these steps will help you to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect lives.

  • Identify the Skills and Equipment each neighbor has that would be useful in an effective disaster response. Knowing which neighbors have supplies and skills helps your disaster response be timely, and allows everyone to contribute to the response in a meaningful way.
  • Create a Neighborhood Map identifying the locations of natural gas for quick response if needed.
  • Create a Contact List that helps identify those with specific needs such as elderly, disabled, or children who may be home alone during certain hours of the day.

  Work together as a team to evaluate your neighborhood during the first hour following a disaster and take the necessary actions.


Visit MorePrepared online to purchase the MYN bag 


MYN bag

This kit contains a hard hat (adjustable) and a pair of sturdy leather gloves with safety cuffs (size large) in a roomy drawstring bag.

Add your own personal items such as a pair of sturdy shoes, sweatshirt, flashlight etc. and store under your bed for an emergency. Every member of your household should have one. If an earthquake happens in the middle of the night, you can easily find your shoes and protect yourself from broken glass and falling debris.

Also keep your Map Your Neighborhood FLIP CHART/SHINGLE (obtained after you have a MYN block meeting ~ materials supplied by HBNW) containing contact and other valuable information for use during an actual emergency inside the bag so you can find it quickly when needed.

For any kit purchased from More Prepared, including the MYN bag, free shipping to HB residents applies when you enter Coupon Code MYN2008. 

For any other kit, please use Coupon Code HB2007.



The Map Your Neighborhood program was recently highlighted in the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program's SeismicWaves May 2008 edition.

Neighbors prepare themselves for major disasters
State program helps train communities for emergencies






Every Monday, Kelly views the HBPD Daily Activity Logs for the prior week.  With the assistance of Ofc. JR Smith or Lt. Tom Thompson, we select crimes that our residents can learn from in order to TARGET HARDEN their home, car or neighborhood.  This is a tool that is used to inform you about how the crime occurred, time of day and if there are any suggestions for the resident to learn from the crimes selected to further secure their home or car.

For those of you that are interested in seeing the monthly crime statistics for all crimes in HB, please click the link below. 


Hermosa Beach Police Department Monthly Report 


Thanks for your interest in the tools that we provide to you through HBNW and our unique partnership with the HB Police Department.  



This is a SAMPLE COPY of what a SOLICITOR PERMIT looks like for your reference. 
(In the past, an application was signed by the City Manager, Steve Burrell and was used as the PERMIT.  NOW, the city ONLY issues a permit that looks like this below).    




Monday, March 2, 2009 to Sunday March 8, 2009


AREA 1  

 BLUE (SOUTHWEST area bordered by Pier Ave, PCH & Herondo St.)



 GREEN (NORTHWEST area bordered Pier Ave, PCH and Manhattan border)



 RED (Every HB address on PCH and EAST to Harper/Reynolds)


Abbreviations Used by Officers:
RP    Reporting Party
UTL    Unable to Locate
GOA    Gone on Arrival
FI    Field Identification Card is information taken "in the field" on a person; such as name, address, distinguishing marks, clothing if needed for future contact.

NRD    No Report Desired

ADAST  Advised and/or assisted  


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Area 1


459 PC

400 Block Herondo

Burglary of Storage Unit

Suspect entered the carport area of the complex and cut the lock to a storage unit. Taken was a baby carriage, fan, and tools



Area 1


487 PC

400 Block 2nd St

Grand Theft

Two flat screen monitors were removed from the fitness area of the apartment complex sometime during the night or early morning hours.




Saturday March 7, 2009


Area 2


496 PC

13th/Hermosa Ave

Possession of Stolen Property

Subject was stopped by officers for crossing against the red light. The subject kept making hand movements towards his pants and officers handcuffed him. Three credit cards not belonging to the subject were recovered. An investigation resulted in his arrested for possession of stolen property.




Smoke Alarms, Part 2 of 3 

There Are Different Types of Smoke Alarm Technologies -


Ionization and Photoelectric

The two most commonly recognized smoke detection technologies are ionization smoke detection and photoelectric smoke detection.  Ionization smoke detection is generally more responsive to flaming fires and photoelectric smoke detection is generally more responsive to fires that begin with a long period of smoldering (called "smoldering fires").  


For each type of smoke alarm, the advantage it provides may be critical to life safety in some fire situations.  Home fatal fires, day or night, include a large number of smoldering fires and a large number of flaming fires.  You cannot predict the type of fire you may have in your home or when it will occur.  Any smoke alarm technology, to be acceptable, must perform acceptably for both types of fires in order to provide early warning of fire at all times of the day or night and whether you are asleep or awake.
The best evidence has always indicated that either type of smoke alarm will provide sufficient time for escape for most people for most fires of either smoldering or flaming type.  However, research is ongoing, and standards are living documents.  If at any time, research points to a different conclusion, then that will lead to proposals for changes in the NFPA standard or the closely related Underwriters Laboratories standard for testing and approving smoke alarms.  Both organizations currently have task groups looking at smoke alarm performance in the current home environment.
For Best Protection Use Both Types of Smoke Alarm Technologies

For best protection, it is recommended both ionization and photoelectric technologies be in homes.  In addition to individual ionization and photoelectric alarms, combination alarms that include both technologies in a single device are available.


Consumer Product Safety Commission
Smoke Alarms -
Why, Where, and Which


Courtesy of the HB Fire Chief, David Lantzer 
Fire personnel noted a large number of visitors in the City over the weekend.  However, they noted no occupant load violations and no complaints of such were received by the fire department.

The inspections are designed to check for overcrowding and to ensure proper exit signs, lights, pathways, doors and door hardware are maintained pursuant to the Fire Code.  

It is the responsibility of the business owner or manager to maintain an accurate occupancy load count at all times that is at or below the approved capacity; and to ensure aisles, exit signs, exit passageways and exit doors are maintained at all times.



Courtesy of Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Watch and Police Department 


Area 1
02/27/09 - 023/01/09             7 p.m. - 11 a.m.                        1500 block of 21st Street
(Residential Burglary) The victim left the residence and believed it to be secured. Unknown suspect(s) entered the residence through an unknown entry point and took several items of clothing from the master bedroom.
Area 3
03/05/09                            1:30 a.m.                                  2200 block of Laurel Avenue
(Vehicle Burglary) The victim parked and locked his vehicle in front of his residence. In the night he heard a loud noise, looked outside and saw a dark colored SUV parked next to his vehicle. In the morning he discovered unknown suspect(s) smashed the rear driver's side window, ransacked the vehicle and took several items including a bag of lighting and camera equipment.
Area 9
03/04/09 - 03/05/09     8:30 p.m. - 8:45 a.m.                600 block of Rosecrans Avenue
(Vehicle Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) smashed the front driver's side window on the locked vehicle and took a GPS system from the dashboard. The vehicle was still locked and no other items were missing.

Area 3
02/24/09 - 02/25/09                   4 p.m. - 2 p.m.              600 block of 18th Street
(Residential Burglary) The residence is currently vacant and will be torn down in the future for construction. Neighbors observed a pickup truck parked in front of the residence. A stocky male suspect exited the truck and made several trips toward the residence. He returned to the truck carrying several items including pipe, lights, plumbing fixtures, control panel boxes and plants, taken from the yard and a rear storage room area.
Area 5
03/02/09 - 03/03/09                   7:30 p.m. - 6 a.m.         200 block of 14th Street
(Vehicle Burglary) The victim parked and locked his vehicle in the driveway of his residence. When he returned he found the passenger side door handle had been pried and the lock was punched. Nothing was disturbed or removed from the vehicle and the victim believes the suspect(s) may have been frightened away by a motion sensor light on a neighbor's residence.
Area 7
03/02/09 - 03/03/09       7:00p.m.. - 4:30 p.m.         2800 block of Manhattan Avenue
(Vehicle Burglary) The victim parked and locked his truck on the street in front of his residence and returned to find the driver's side window was smashed. Unknown suspect(s) took the GPS system from the vehicle.



Courtesy of Redondo Beach Neighborhood Watch and Police Department 


Please follow the link below to learn about recently published weekly crime information. 

Click here to see CRIME STATISTICS

If you see suspicious activity in our community immediately call 9-1-1 or (310) 379-5411 to report the activity to the Redondo Beach Police Department.  Please contact Officer Ian Miesen at or the Crime Prevention Information number at (310) 318-0612.
Thank you for your interest and partnership in keeping Redondo Beach safe.
To subscribe to City of Redondo Beach e-zine service, please go to





Thank you to HBNW Block Captain's for forwarding e-mail to us.  We are happy that HBNW promotes communication between the Block Captain and their neighbors and that it leads to a positive awareness for all of us.  If you send us your e-mail question or just awareness, please let us know if we can use your name or not. 

Kelly and Tracy:
This is NOT new information - however, it is important to know that the State just added "possession of bump keys" to Penal Code Section 466.
I would like to encourage HBNW residents to
visit this site for more information and view the video links.
I upgraded all of my Baldwin locks with Medeco lock mechanisms.
Sgt. Tim Turek

Hermosa Beach Police Department


What is a bump key?

A bump key is a new threat to everyone's security. The locks you have on your front door are probably vulnerable to a bump key. Basically, a bump key is made by taking any regular key and modifying it with some common household tools. After that, it will open most locks that the key can physically slide into. For example, your home may have a Kwikset®, Schlage®, or Baldwin® lock on it. If someone made a Kwikset® and Schlage® bump keys they would probably be able to open your door very easily.



The Ready Campaign's Video Blog features testimonials from Americans about the importance of being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters. These video submissions come from a range of Americans from across the country. You too can submit a testimonial by uploading your video to and then email to let us know you've made a submission. Also, please note there are guidelines to the submissions - click here to view.

Residents warned about PVP solicitors

Residents of San Pedro and Rancho Palos Verdes say young men pretending to be local students are showing up on their doorsteps asking for donations to a variety of causes, from sports programs to college tuition.


Don't Get Stimulated by a Scam

The FTC warns against Web ads that offer individuals a chunk of the federal program.  They could cost you.


Tourists weigh Mexico drug violence

Cancun and other beach resorts have escaped increasingly somber State Department warnings about Mexico. The latest travel alert, issued Feb. 20, describes fearsome conditions on the U.S. border and in northern Mexico, where shootouts have killed bystanders and left U.S. citizens "trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area.",0,7157441.story


Mexico under siege continued

On March 2, the Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives went a step further, warning American college students to stay away from Tijuana and Rosarito Beach during spring break.,0,5116645.story



Communicate your blocks needs when all else fails! 
FCC "Technician" course (entrée level)
2 day class for FREE!
Technician License class day 1: March 28th @ 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.
Technician License class day 2: April 4th @ 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.
Test: April 11th @ 10:00a.m.
The location is Hesse Park
29301 Hawthorne Blvd.
Rancho Palos Verdes
- No pre-registration required -
- No fee for class -
- Taking the FCC Test is $14 -
Optional Material (available to purchase at class) RECOMMENDED
- Study book with FCC test questions, $15 -
- Copy of Power Point charts, $10 -
Students (thru grade 12) who take this course and get their license will be reimbursed up to $40 by Hermosa Beach Amateur Radio Association. 


C.E.R.T. - Community Emergency Response Team


Hermosa Beach residents are invited to take this class offered by RB Fire Department.   This training is the perfect compliment to the Map Your Neighborhood program!


 C.E.R.T. Academy No. 41 - Sept. 10, 2009 to October 31, 2009  


A team of Redondo Beach firefighter instructors provide the training and will cover topics including disaster preparedness, CPR & First Aid, disaster medical operations, damage assessment, fire suppression, light search and rescue, disaster psychology & team organization.


Upon successfully completing the training, you will be registered as a C.E.R.T. volunteer with the Redondo Beach Fire Department. Registered volunteers are required to participate in future disaster preparedness training activities to maintain their volunteer status.

The fee is $40.00 per person. The fee includes a designated C.E.R.T. hard hat, CPR & First Aid certification, CPR pocket mask, photo identification card, training manual and graduation certificates. The C.E.R.T. Academy is taught Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and one Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during an eight-week period. 


Forms are available in Adobe Acrobat for your convenience. Click HERE to download.

If you are interested in participating or for additional information about the academy, please call Diane Hom at (310) 318-0663 ext. 4336. Please note that the academy will be limited to the first 40 individuals who respond.


To Link to the Redondo Beach CERT Alumni association


To Link to the Redondo Beach Fire Department CERT information





The Coordinators of the VIP's: Sgt. Robert Higgins, HBPD Ofc. Jaime Ramirez, Kelly Kovac-Reedy of HBNW and  Ken Hartley of HBARA.


Volunteers gain invaluable insights into our city's law enforcement system and how it works. Volunteers have the opportunity to improve the quality of their local law enforcement service through their work, their attitude, and ideas for improving programs. Our program increases community pride by allowing volunteers to serve as role models and most importantly, be part of a community program concerned with the common good and well being of the city we all love. So come and join the Hermosa Beach Police Department and the many others who donate their time in making our community a better place.


How To Get Involved
Interested in becoming a VIP? It's free, it's easy, and no experience is necessary. For more information, please send an email - we'd love to talk to you.


Volunteers participating in the VIP program will be required to complete an application and interview and successfully pass a background check.   Additional requirements for the VIP Patrol program consist of possessing a valid driver's license, being 18 years of age, in good physical health, and the desire to contribute a minimum of 10 hours per-month to the program.


Who is qualified to volunteer?
Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and successfully meet the selection criteria of the Hermosa Beach Police Department's Volunteers in Policing Service program.


VIPs' Program Mission:

The VIPs' program mission is to support the Hermosa Beach Police Department's crime prevention efforts and to actively engage the community in our quality of life improvement initiatives.


In both the public and private sector, administrators are constantly seeking ways to enhance the effectiveness of their organizations. In the law enforcement profession, one way to do this is to recruit more officers. This, however, is not always feasible because of fiscal limitations. In Hermosa Beach, the Police Department has developed a way to maximize its service without incurring a substantial financial burden. The concept is simple: recruit volunteers from the community, train them in various police-related duties, and then allow them to function in direct support of Police Department staff. Hermosa Beach has proven to be an ideal environment for such a program since its citizens pride themselves in community involvement. Volunteers function as an auxiliary unit of the Police Department, with no powers of arrest beyond those of any private citizen. They serve as extra eyes, ears and helping hands. They carry no weapons, but they do have cellular phone/radios, which allows for direct communication with our dispatchers and police officers. This enables them to report any suspicious activity quickly so that an officer can investigate what might have otherwise gone unnoticed or unreported. V.I.P. volunteers will assume many tasks, which have previously been performed by paid police personnel. This program significantly enhances the Department's ability to focus sworn personnel on tasks, which volunteers cannot do. The volunteers will also undertake projects, which could not have otherwise been considered due to lack of manpower or resources.

Have the power to identify and address specific concerns and problems within your community.








More Prepared Logo


Order your supplies TODAY! 


 We want to help you get prepared! 


  Hermosa Beach residents receive FREE SHIPPING TO HB.  Enter HB2007 at checkout.



Home-Savor Emergency Utility Shut Off Kit Description:

The Home-Savor Emergency Utility Shut Off Kit is a means by which a homeowner, tenant, or neighbor can easily locate their gas, water, and electrical mains and shut them off in case of a natural disaster or accidental emergency. Following the detailed instructions and utilizing the label page the consumer will transform the blank graph section of the laminated Map Page into a customized map of their property denoting the locations of their utility shut off valves and the electrical main shut off. The Location Signs are mounted at all three of the utility shut off locations with the included nylon zip ties. Due to the fact that some properties have different types of valves and or electrical systems, (5) five different laminated Location Signs are provided and a maximum of (3) three will be used. The kit is designed for homes, apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings.The Home-Savor Emergency Utility Shut Off Kit includes several pieces of original graphic artwork and are all included in this provisional patent application.

The Home-Savor Emergency Utility Shut Off Kit includes:

1.     (1) 8.5" x 11" Laminated Map Page.

2.     (1) 8.5" x 11" Label Page.

3.     (5) 2.5" x 3.5" (approximate size) Location Signs.

4.     (1) 11" x 17" Instruction Page.

5.     (1) Gas Valve Shut Off Wrench.

6.     (2) Nylon Zip Ties.

7.     (2 feet) of small link chain or elastic cord.

8.     (1) 2" x 2" (approximate size) piece of double face carpet tape to attach the electrical shut off instructions to the door of the electrical panel box.

Utility 1


Visit AES online today!










City Council & All Commission meeting media clips are arranged by date, with the most recent at the top of the list. Click Video to view the meeting with documents, or Agenda / Minutes to see just the documents. You can also search the archives by typing keywords into the Search box.


Hermosa Beach City Council and All Commission AGENDA'S, MINUTES AND VIDEO






Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch and the newly established Hermosa Beach Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission applied for and received a Micro Enrichment Grant from the Beach Cities Health District. The grant will be used to purchase and distribute 138 Disaster Supply Fanny Packs to disabled and/or homebound seniors residing in Hermosa Beach.  


To receive a kit, please contact or call 310-374-1828.




























(310) 318-0239


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