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 Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008


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Thank you to Block Captain Anne Sullivan on the 00 block of 18th Street for hosting the Map Your Neighborhood Meeting to the residents.  We appreciate all of their efforts on behalf of neighborhood preparedness!  

We had 9 of the 15 lots represented for our MYN meeting today and it went well.  Thanks for all your help.            ~ Block Captain Anne Sullivan

18th Street MYN

Celebrate Safe Communities

YOU can prevent car theft by following a few simple guidelines:

Close all windows and lock the storage compartments

Hide your packages or valuables, or even better, store them in the trunk

Park in well-lit areas

Always take your wallet or purse with you when parking your vehicle

Turn the wheels toward the curb and apply the emergency brake to avoid towing

Remove the car registration and other certificates from the vehicle

Install and activate anti-theft devices

Leave the car in gear or park

Lock your car and take your keys with you, even if you're "going to be right back"

Types of Burglars

There are four basic types of burglars: Opportunity, Smashers, Prowlers and Pros

Each of these titles describes a specific type of modus operandi that you must be aware of and guard against. What will stop an Opportunity burglar, will not stop a Pro. The good news is that numerically speaking Pros are as rare as hen's teeth while Smashers are as common as fleas. The really good news is if you protect against Prowlers, you will have protected yourself against most burglaries

The name pretty well says it all. There is the criminal just walking along, and he sees that your door was left open. Although less common with burglary than other kinds of crime, it still happens. There are times that petty criminals take jobs that have them going from door to door and delivering junk mail, selling things, etc., etc. The door just swings open before him. Or he could just be walking down the hallway of the apartment complex ... and you didn't quite close the door because you were on the way to the laundry room and had your hands full. Open door equals opportunity. He'll dash in, grab something and run.

Although people are more cautious about closing the doors to their homes, a very common opportunity burglary happens when you leave your garage door open. The thief sees something he wants and grabs it. If you have "just run to the store" and left the garage door open, you have just invited in an opportunity burglar. Items left on your front porch or in your yard also are the target of such thieves. And kids often leave things like bikes, your binoculars or electronics out in the yard. 

Items left on the car seat and the door unlocked also encourages a common type of opportunity theft. Often youngsters, whether individually or in a pack, will travel between cars in a parking lot car and check the door handles. When they find one unlocked, they will stop and "toss" the car. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon among such groups to destroy the inside of your car if they cannot find anything worth stealing to express their displeasure. Unless you know what to specifically look for, this behavior will just look like some kids passing through a parking lot.

When it comes to your home or garage being targeted, the same idea applies. Many opportunity thieves are either a single or a pack of kids who are just roaming the neighborhood. They see the chance and they take it. Opportunity thefts are also common in areas where there are a number of indigents and a degree of pass-through foot traffic (such as bus stops and train or subway stations). The closer you are to major streets, bus stops and schools, the more care you must take not to leave yourself open to opportunity thieves.

Your best defense against opportunity burglars is a combination of walk-aways and habits as described in the Pyramid of Personal Safety. Simple habits about not leaving things out, closing and locking doors will prevent most opportunity thefts.
To read more, please visit this site!

See the show It Takes A Thief week day afternoons on the Discovery Channel (USA). Check your local cable listings. Jon and Matt are ex-burglars who demonstrate exactly how fast and effectively a "prowler" can enter, loot and trash your house. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Pay close attention to the explanations and details that they give regarding how burglars work, what they are looking for and how much they can get for items -- especially regarding identity or banking.  


Be a good neighbor and report suspicious activity at other homes in your community. If our officers catch a criminal or interrupt a crime in progress, most of the time it is because a member of the community calls.


If one person can make a difference, many people working together can make a huge difference when it comes to crime prevention. That is why we are enlisting citizens to join the crime prevention movement through HBNW.


Everyone plays a role in creating and maintaining a safe environment.

REPORTING CRIME - HB Dispatch Number 310-524-2750
Be alert and observant wherever you are and learn to recognize signs of criminal behavior. Report all crime to the HBPD even if it is only an attempt. Crime cannot be controlled or prevented if it is not reported. By reporting crimes and suspicious activities you can protect yourself and others.


ShakeOut Surpasses 4 million participants!

At 10 a.m. on November 13, join millions of Southern Californians in the ShakeOut Drill, our largest-ever earthquake preparedness activity!



ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario Shaking Simulation


With 22 million people living and working in southern California, a major earthquake in the region could cause an unprecedented catastrophe. What we do now, before a big earthquake, will determine what our lives will be like after. With earthquakes an inevitable part of southern California's future, Californians must act quickly to ensure that disasters do not become catastrophes. With this in mind, the Earthquake Country Alliance has organized the Great Southern California ShakeOut, a week of special events featuring a massive earthquake drill at 10 AM on November 13, 2008.

The ShakeOut drill centers on the ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario, a realistic portrayal of what could happen in a major earthquake on the southern end of the San Andreas Fault. Created by over 300 experts led by Dr. Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey, the scenario outlines a hypothetical 7.8 magnitude earthquake originating near the Salton Sea, which would have the potential to devastate the region.

With a goal of at least 5 million participants, the ShakeOut drill will be the largest in U.S. history. To participate, go to and pledge your family, school, business, or organization's participation in the drill. Registered participants will receive information on how to plan their drill, connect with other participants, and encourage a dialogue with others about earthquake preparedness. There are many ways to take part, but at the least participants should "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" at 10 A.M. on November 13. It all begins with registering, which is free and open to everyone.

For more information, visit and be sure to visit the official ShakeOut Blog at


drop, cover and hold!


Why is important to do a Drop, Cover, Hold On drill? Just as with anything, to act quickly you must practice, practice, practice. In a big earthquake, there may be very little time to protect yourself before strong shaking knocks you down or drops something on you. Most earthquakes have a sharp jolt a few seconds before the strong shaking, and we need to Drop, Cover, Hold On immediately when we feel the jolt. By practicing we will act quickly, rather than waiting to see if the earthquake will be large. If it is, it may be too late to protect yourself. ShakeOut. Don't FreakOut.

To see which organizations are participating, go to and click on our county in the right column.  HBNW is mentioned in the COMMUNITY GROUPS.


 Map Your Neighborhood Logo




1P.M. - 3:30P.M.


 MYN materials, light snack, HBNW bottled water and a door prize provided when you sign up.

Reserve your seat TODAY

"Map Your Neighborhood" (MYN) is a program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters.  It is a program that HBNW has adopted and is mandatory that all Block Captains attend and implement on their street.

 MYN will help you to:

         Learn the "9 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster" to secure your home and to protect your neighborhood. It is hard to think clearly following disaster and these steps will help you to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect lives.

         Identify the Skills and Equipment each neighbor has that would be useful in an effective disaster response. Knowing which neighbors have supplies and skills helps your disaster response be timely, and allows everyone to contribute to the response in a meaningful way.

         Create a Neighborhood Map identifying the locations of natural gas for quick response if needed.

         Create a Contact List that helps identify those with specific needs such as elderly, disabled, or children who may be home alone during certain hours of the day.

  Work together as a team to evaluate your neighborhood during the first hour following a disaster and take the necessary actions.


  Link to purchase the MYN bag for under your bed.  For any kit purchased from More Prepared, including the MYN bag, free shipping to HB residents applies when you enter Coupon Code MYN2008.  For any other kit, please use Coupon Code HB2007.



Once the event occurs, preparedness ends and response & recovery begins!   




Forward this link to all of our friends & neighbors that live in Hermosa Beach.

A link to the city web page for residents to go to add their phone number to the city telephone notification/information message system, Code Red. The link provides information about the system, how it will be used and allows residents to add their phone number so they will be in the system for city notifications.






Santa Ride 2007 - 1

Santa is making his list to visit our HBNW block children!
He will be in the neighborhoods on Wednesday, December 10th  and 17th from 5:00p.m. - 8:30p.m. escorted by the HB Police & Fire Departments. 
Please contact Kelly if you would like to sign your street up for the 2nd Annual HBNW Santa Ride 2008!   Include what time would be preferred as we are trying to accommodate the children on your street!  We are limited to the two days.  Please sign up ASAP and we will try and fill all requests as best we can.
For those who cannot participate, there are four city sponsored events featuring Santa this season:
SAND SNOWMAN:  12/6/08
NEW YEARS EVE:  12/31/08
Santa Ride 2007 - Santa



Every Monday, Kelly views the HBPD Daily Activity Logs for the prior week.  With the assistance of Ofc. JR Smith or Lt. Tom Thompson, we select crimes that our residents can learn from in order to TARGET HARDEN their home, car or neighborhood.  This is a tool that is used to inform you about how the crime occurred, time of day and if there are any suggestions for the resident to learn from the crimes selected to further secure their home or car.

For those of you that are interested in seeing the monthly crime statistics for all crimes in HB, please click the link below. 

Hermosa Beach Police Department Monthly Report 

Thanks for your interest in the tools that we provide to you through HBNW and our unique partnership with the HB Police Department.  



Monday 10-20-2008 to Sunday 10-26-2008



AREA 1 - BLUE (SOUTHWEST area bordered by Pier Ave, PCH & Herondo St.)

AREA 2 - GREEN (NORTHWEST area bordered Pier Ave, PCH and Manhattan border)

AREA 3 - RED (Every HB address on PCH and EAST to Harper/Reynolds)


Abbreviations Used by Officers:
RP - Reporting Party
UTL - Unable to Locate
GOA - Gone on Arrival
FI - Field Identification Card - information taken "in the field" on a person; such as name, address, distinguishing marks, clothing if needed for future contact.


Sunday October 19, 2008


Area 2


459 PC

1700 block of Hermosa Av

Attempt Burglary/Prowler

Female wakes up to bedroom window being slid open. Female yelled and suspect fled. The Victim can not describe the suspect




Monday October 20, 2008


Area 3


211 PC

PCH and 4th St

Armed Robbery

Female parked her vehicle and got out holding her son in one arm and her purse in the other. A male Hispanic 16-17 years old wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt approached and demanded her purse. The suspect was armed with a handgun and threatened the woman's life. The suspect got the purse and fled west on 4th Stand then south on Ardmore.




Area 2


484 PC

200 block of Longfellow

Theft of Package

The UPS driver left a package on the porch and sometime during the day someone stole the package.




 Saturday, October 25, 2008


Area 2


459 PC

1700 block of Hermosa Av

Attempt Burglary/Prowler

Suspect slid open the bedroom window and entered the bedroom with one leg through the window. Female woke up and yelled at the suspect, who fled east to Palm Drive. The suspect was described as a Hispanic or dark skinned white male, 5-06, 175 pounds, and wearing white sneakers.




Area 1


459 PC

700 block  of Sunset

Vehicle Burglary

Suspect smashed a window to gain entry and removed a GPS unit.



Area 1


459 PC

1000 block of Loma

Vehicle Burglary

Suspect smashed a window to gain entry and removed documents from the vehicle.



Sunday, October 26, 2008


Area 2


487 PC

500 block 24th Pl

Theft from Vehicle

Suspect removed the rear tail-gate from a Toyota pickup truck.







The Coordinators of the VIP's: Sgt. Kevin Averill, HBPD Ofc. Jaime Ramirez, Kelly Kovac-Reedy of HBNW and  Ken Hartley of HBARA.

Volunteers gain invaluable insights into our city's law enforcement system and how it works. Volunteers have the opportunity to improve the quality of their local law enforcement service through their work, their attitude, and ideas for improving programs. Our program increases community pride by allowing volunteers to serve as role models and most importantly, be part of a community program concerned with the common good and well being of the city we all love. So come and join the Hermosa Beach Police Department and the many others who donate their time in making our community a better place.


How To Get Involved
Interested in becoming a VIP? It's free, it's easy, and no experience is necessary. For more information, please send an email - we'd love to talk to you.


Volunteers participating in the VIP program will be required to complete an application and interview and successfully pass a background check.   Additional requirements for the VIP Patrol program consist of possessing a valid driver's license, being 18 years of age, in good physical health, and the desire to contribute a minimum of 10 hours per-month to the program.


Who is qualified to volunteer?
Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and successfully meet the selection criteria of the Hermosa Beach Police Department's Volunteers in Policing Service program.


VIPs' Program Mission:

The VIPs' program mission is to support the Hermosa Beach Police Department's crime prevention efforts and to actively engage the community in our quality of life improvement initiatives.


In both the public and private sector, administrators are constantly seeking ways to enhance the effectiveness of their organizations. In the law enforcement profession, one way to do this is to recruit more officers. This, however, is not always feasible because of fiscal limitations. In Hermosa Beach, the Police Department has developed a way to maximize its service without incurring a substantial financial burden. The concept is simple: recruit volunteers from the community, train them in various police-related duties, and then allow them to function in direct support of Police Department staff. Hermosa Beach has proven to be an ideal environment for such a program since its citizens pride themselves in community involvement. Volunteers function as an auxiliary unit of the Police Department, with no powers of arrest beyond those of any private citizen. They serve as extra eyes, ears and helping hands. They carry no weapons, but they do have cellular phone/radios, which allows for direct communication with our dispatchers and police officers. This enables them to report any suspicious activity quickly so that an officer can investigate what might have otherwise gone unnoticed or unreported. V.I.P. volunteers will assume many tasks, which have previously been performed by paid police personnel. This program significantly enhances the Department's ability to focus sworn personnel on tasks, which volunteers cannot do. The volunteers will also undertake projects, which could not have otherwise been considered due to lack of manpower or resources.

Have the power to identify and address specific concerns and problems within your community.


We would like to start forming teams for the following areas:


  • Noble Park Patrol 

  • Daytime Foot Patrol of Neighborhoods & Downtown

  • Nighttime Foot Patrol of Neighborhoods & Downtown

  • Bicycle Watch and Awareness 

  • Alley Check  

  • View and Valley School Check  

  • Skateboard Awareness 

  • Parking Structures & Parking Lots

  • DUI/Driver's License Checkpoints 




Redondo program spurs abuse awareness
As a child in Guatemala, Ericka Sazo-Gonzalez could only stand by as her father repeatedly abused her mother.  But she knew even then that when she grew up she would do something - anything - to help people like her mother.
The EMP Threat
Not for the faint of heart

An EMP attack occurs when a nuclear bomb explodes high in the Earth's atmosphere. The electromagnetic pulse generated by the blast destroys all the electronics in its line of sight. For a bomb detonated over the Midwest, that includes most of the continental U.S.  Few, if any, people die in the blast.  It's what comes next that has the potential to be catastrophic. Since an EMP surge wipes out electronics, virtually every aspect of modern American life would come to a standstill.
DNA solving everyday crimes
DENVER - The burglar was undone by his taste for strawberry soda. RazJohn Smyer, a suspect in a string of Denver-area break-ins, often checked his victims' refrigerators and helped himself to a drink. The soda cans he left behind gave police enough DNA evidence to link him to five burglaries. He's now serving a 20-year sentence. 
What Does 'Strong Character' Mean? II -- Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen
Respect for others is based on self-respect and is summed up in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It is the value that makes the world a more decent and civilized place.





  • Dream of outer space with the astronauts by talking with them while they are there.    
  • Reaching for the stars and coming up with a handfull of astronauts.  
  • Making friends who last longer than your stocks.  
  • World wide touring without passports, without exchange rates, and a host of great stories.  
  • All of the great mystery stories of my youth can't compare with the adventures I have found on ham radio.  
  • The Hardy Boys started my shortwave interest and the ARRL has completed
                         ~ HBARA member, John Kovac






Courtesy of the HB Fire Department

The Engine company conducted the checks on random establishments on Friday night and encountered no problems.
The inspections are designed to check for overcrowding and to ensure proper exit signs, lights, pathways, doors and door hardware are maintained pursuant to the Fire Code.  

It is the responsibility of the business owner or manager to maintain an accurate occupancy load count at all times that is at or below the approved capacity; and to ensure aisles, exit signs, exit passageways and exit doors are maintained at all times.




Courtesy of Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Watch and Police Department 



Area 5
10/19/08 - 10/20/08       9 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.         200 block of 16th Street
(Garage Burglary) The victim accidentally left the garage door open. Unknown suspect(s) took a wallet from the center console of an unlocked vehicle. The wallet contained a driver's license and three credit cards, one of which was used immediately. A workout bag containing boxing gloves was also taken from the trunk which was found ajar.
Area 6
10/13/08                        9 a.m. - Noon                500 block of Manhattan Avenue
(Garage Burglary) The victim closed and locked her garage upon leaving and also locked the deadbolt on a side door to the garage. When she returned she found the deadbolt lock on the garage was drilled out. The only items missing from the garage were two antique oil cans and a plastic bucket. No suspects were seen or heard.


Area 3             10/22 - 23//08                           11 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.                               1900 blk of Pine Av      
(Vehicle Burglary) At approximately 11 p.m. on 10/22, the victim parked and locked her vehicle on the street in front of her home. On 10/23 at approximately 7:30 a.m., she discovered the rear drivers side window had been smashed and her purse was missing.

Area 5
10/14 - 17/08      6 a.m. - 5:30 a.m.                               400 blk of Marine Ave 
(Petty Theft) On 10/14/08 at approximately 6 a.m., victim moved his vehicle. At that time he did not notice any problems or unusual noises. On 10/17/08 at approximately 5:30 a.m. victim started his vehicle and noticed loud engine noises. His neighbor then walked out to see what was happening. His neighbor inspected the vehicle and discovered the catalytic converter to be missing.
Area 9
6/20 - 22/08                 4 p.m. - 10 a.m.                                   600 blk of 33rd St
(Grand Theft) On 06/20/08 at approximately 4 p.m., victim parked her vehicle in front of her residence. She left some of her personal property inside the vehicle. She does not remember locking the vehicle. She and her family then left for the weekend. She returned to her residence on 6/22, at approximately 10 a.m.. She discovered that all her personal property was missing from her vehicle.
10/22/08                                    11 a.m. - 1 p.m.                                   2700 blk of Flournoy Rd
(Residential Burglary) Victim stated that she left her residence at approximately 11 a.m. to go to the bank. She returned home at approximately 1 p.m.. She noticed that the screen from the southeast bedroom was on the ground beneath the window. When she tried to unlock the sliding door she noticed it was unlocked. Victim related that she locked her house when she left, but she left the widow in the southeast bedroom open a few inches. Victim stated that all of her gold jewelry was missing.          
Please ask your friends not to leave anything of value in their vehicles.



A HVPTO organization dedicated to raising environmental awareness in Hermosa Beach schools


We will feature the Weekly Green Tip from Planet Pals.


This week's Planet Pals Green Tip is:


The main ingredient in most liquid soaps lining store shelves is triclosan, a pesticide that kills bacteria. Turns out you just need to banish germs from your hands, not kill them. Studies show that antibacterial soaps aren't more effective at preventing illness or removing germs than good old-fashioned soap and water.
In fact, antibacterial soaps may do more harm than good.
There are concerns that triclosan may contribute to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It's also present in human bodies and breast milk, as well as in streams. The Environmental Working Group says triclosan has been linked to developmental defects, liver toxicity, and cancer in lab studies. It also may affect thyroid and other hormones that are crucial to normal development.  

The best thing you can do is avoid soaps that claim to be "antibacterial" while we wait for more research to be done. A quick read of the label will tell you if triclosan or triclocarban (a similar compound that's found more commonly in bar soaps) are active ingredients. If so, move onto another product.  

Excerpt taken from The Conscious Consumer at






Great service for those of US with no time!   


This can be very important NOW and not just for the Earthquake.


True story by Dr. LuAn Johnson, creator of Map Your Neighborhood:


LuAn comes from a large family of siblings.  The parents went to "Back to School Night" and left the 6 kids home.  While they were gone, the water heater sprang a leak.  The children first grabbed all the towels in the house to soak up the water.  This worked for a little while but they did not know that 40 gallons of water was in that heater.  So, they grabbed all the blankets in the house.  Then, the couch cushions and bed pillows.  When the parents got home and saw the fortress of towels, blankets, cushions and pillows around the water heater and the water still everywhere, their father took them all over to the water heater and showed them how to turn off the water valve.  


Lesson learned is to show everyone in the house how to turn off all of the utilities as you never know what can happen when you are not around. 




I received my personalized "house plan" with my water, gas and electrical valves identified and tagged with a laminated picture card and green spray paint. 


I have taken pictures to show you how useful, practical and essential this is for every home.  I went through the cards with my 9-year-old daughter and my 15-year-old son (and his friends) in case I am not home and there is a need to shut the utilities off.  I am thrilled to be one of the first homes to proudly display my utility valves as a work of art!  ~  Kelly Kovac-Reedy


 Utility 1


Utility 2



Utility 3



Utility 5
















City Council & All Commission meeting media clips are arranged by date, with the most recent at the top of the list. Click Video to view the meeting with documents, or Agenda / Minutes to see just the documents. You can also search the archives by typing keywords into the Search box.


Hermosa Beach City Council and All Commission AGENDA'S, MINUTES AND VIDEO








Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch and the newly established Hermosa Beach Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission applied for and received a Micro Enrichment Grant from the Beach Cities Health District. The grant will be used to purchase and distribute 138 Disaster Supply Fanny Packs to disabled and/or homebound seniors residing in Hermosa Beach.  We have given 70 packs to our HB residents as this point.

To apply please contact or call 310-374-1828.






















NEW PACIUGO GELATO & CAFFE NOW OPEN ~ 20% OFF to HBNW members -next to Comedy and Magic Club!  


Mention that you are a member and receive a discount!  

1034 Hermosa Ave.



1068 Aviation Blvd
Hermosa Beach

(310) 376-6901 


A HB business has offered a $20.00 special to HBNW residents for a TAC WELD to the Catalytic Converter on your car.  This is a crime that can happen in broad daylight without you even knowing it until you start your engine.  Then, you HEAR IT.  A TAC WELD is a means to impede the criminal who has just a wrench to losen the bolts.  HBPD has seen a change in the M.O. of the catalytic converter thefts recently. The new M.O. involves the thieves using a "Sawzall" to cut the exhaust pipe and remove the converter. Try the weld for $20.00 and then you will know that you did what you could to prevent the crime and make your car less of a target. 


MIDAS Muffler

 3125 Pacific Coast Highway

(310) 376-8735

More Prepared Logo


Order your supplies TODAY!


Hermosa Beach resident COUPON CODE HB2007 for FREE SHIPPING TO HB.













(310) 318-0239



 Los Angeles International Airport Noise Complaints and Managements