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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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We would like to say THANK YOU to Block Captain Paula Barksdale and the 1800 - 1900 block of Prospect Ave. for hosting a INTRODUCTION BLOCK MEETING.  The meeting was attended by HBNW Coordinators Kelly & Tracy, HBPD Motor Ofc. JR Smith, HBPD Patrol Ofc. Mick Gaglia, HB Fire Capt. Brian Scott, Firefighter/Paramedic Greg Dale, Firefighter/Paramedic Scott Durkin and EPAC commissioner Al Benson.


For a crime to be committed, three elements must occur; a DESIRE to commit the crime, the ABILITY to commit the crime and the OPPORTUNITY to commit the crime.  Take away just one of these elements and the crime cannot be committed.


Even though we may not be able to stop someone's DESIRE to commit a crime, we can each do our part to take away their ABILITY and/or OPPORTUNITY.  Simple steps like knowing who lives in your neighborhood, ensuring adequate lighting around your residence/business and reporting suspicious vehicle or persons can dramatically affect the ABILITY of a "bad guy" to commit crimes.  THIS is Neighborhood Watch!


Together, we can also make the OPPORTUNITY more difficult for the "bad guy".  Simple steps like closing the garage door, removing items of value from view in vehicles (GPS units on the windshield, portable music players, gym bags, wallets and laptops) and simple locking doors, can have a large impact on crime.  THIS is Neighborhood Watch!


MAP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ~ Taking the training out to the streets of Hermosa Beach!


EMERGENCY: when you pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1 and you get a response within minutes.


DISASTER: when you pick up the phone and get no dial tone.  You are now on your own!


This newly adopted neighborhood preparedness program will be taught to all of our HBNW Block Captains.  In turn, they will bring it back to their block residents to implement and set up the nine-steps to follow after an Earthquake (or disaster of any hazard).


For those of you that were able to participate at one of the three day classes, we want to thank you for spending your valuable time with us. We hope that the information provided was useful and the venues convenient. Please feel free to share your feedback in order for us to continually improve our efforts in supporting this program.


If you were unable to attend, we now are offering TRAIN THE TRAINER dates.  When you have a MYN meeting, we would like to suggest a PAY IT FORWARD and invite two HB residents to sit in on your meeting to better understand the elements of the program.  They will take the program back to their street and give the gift of preparedness on another street in HB.


50 of our Block Captain's took the class from Dr. LuAn Johnson a few weeks back.  They are now ready to contact HBNW, get the flip charts and set a meeting with the neighbors.  HBNW will supply the flip charts, reminder letters and bottled water for this initial neighborhood gathering.


An eager and enthusiastic HBNW Block Captain, Julie Jennings has graciously volunteered to be the MYN TRAINER for future classes.  She was very moved and inspired by Dr. Johnson's instruction and will assist HBNW with this branch of Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness.


The first date available is Saturday, April 26, 2008 in the City Council Chambers.  The time is from 1p.m. - 3:30p.m. and that includes a light snack and materials.


Please e-mail Kelly to secure a seat!


Link to purchase the MYN bag for under your bed.  For any kit purchased from More Prepared, including the MYN bag, free shipping to HB residents applies when you enter Coupon Code HB2007.



Featured BAD GUY of the week


On Tuesday morning at approximately 12:12a.m., there was a call of a possible burglary in progress. A citizen reported seeing property inside of his apartment building's parking structure which appeared to have been placed there under suspicious circumstances. A short time later, he saw a suspicious looking vehicle in the vicinity of his apartment building. Soon after that, he saw two suspicious subjects enter the parking structure and loiter inside of it for no apparent reason. The witnessed believed that the suspicious subjects had intended to commit burglary. The HBPD responded and set up a perimeter, believing they had trapped the suspects within the perimeter. Both RBPD and MBPD also responded to assist.


The three hour search was at one point interrupted due to a call of a fight in the area of Hermosa Ave and 10th St.  One suspect was believed to have a handgun. Numerous officers quickly responded to the location, but could not find anyone. It is thought that this call was placed as a distraction, which may have allowed the suspects in the burglary to escape. The fight call was placed via cell phone 911 and the reporting party immediately disconnected the line before the dispatchers could obtain any further information.


All HBPD officers, approximately 12 outside agency officers and a K-9 were utilized to facilitate this one particular call for service. If you heard some police activity within the city during this late night /early morning, this is what we were strategically investigating and engaged in.  Unfortunately the search was unsuccessful.  HBPD thanks RBPD and MBPD for their assistance!!



HBNW CRIME LOG ~ This log contains crimes in HB that residents can read and learn from in order to TARGET HARDEN their home, vehicles and neighborhood. 



Monday 2-4-08 - Sunday 2-10-08


AREA 1 - BLUE (SOUTHWEST area bordered by Pier Ave, PCH & Herondo St.)

AREA 2 - GREEN (NORTHWEST area bordered Pier Ave, PCH and Manhattan border)

AREA 3 - RED (Every HB address on PCH and EAST to Harper/Reynolds)


Monday 2-4-08


Area 1


459 PC

415 Herondo

Vehicle Burglary

During the night on Sunday

There was a report of a vehicle window smash in the area. The vehicle was parked and secured in a subterranean parking structure. Unknown items missing at the time of this report.



Area 1


459 PC

400 block of 11th St


During the night on Sunday

Window smash to vehicle in the area. The victim advised that there was nothing inside of the vehicle disturbed.



Area 3


415 PC

2000 block of Prospect Ave



There was a report of a male black approximately 18 yo in the area soliciting. An area check for the subject met with negative results.



Monday night 2-4-08


Area 1


459 PC

414 of 2nd St



See Featured BAD GUY of the week



Area 1


415 PC

Hermosa Ave and 10th St

Fight call


See Featured BAD GUY of the week



Tuesday 2-5-08


Area 3


594 PC

3200 block of PCH

Vehicle Burglary

6:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.

There was a window smash to a vehicle in the area. There was an HP computer box in the passenger area that was empty. The suspect more than likely thought they were going to get a computer.



Wednesday night 2-6-08


Area 1


487 PC

414 2nd St


8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.

There was a Sky Blue men's Cannondale bike stolen from the area. The bike was locked and secured in the subterranean parking structure at the location.



Area 2



Hermosa Ave / 22nd St

Suspicious circumstances


A citizen reported seeing three males with flashlights looking under vehicle in the area. The subjects were unable to be located and all surrounding agencies were notified. The witness is unable to identify if seen again, no crime at this time. NOTE: Call us if you see something that makes you go "HHMMM"???



Saturday 2-9-08


Area 3


594 PC

2411 Prospect Ave


10:00p.m. - 7:00a.m.

An unknown suspect cut all cables to both parking gates at the location. It is thought that this was done for a fast getaway while committing burglaries within the parking garage. No victims to report at the time of this crime log.






Area 1


        4:30 p.m. - 4:40 p.m.                 1700 block of Marine Avenue

(Residential Burglary) Dispatch was advised that an alarm was going off at the residence and police were dispatched. Police did a perimeter check and found a screen that had been torn off a west side window. The window was unlocked and partially open. Later when the resident returned she did not think entry had been made to the residence. A neighbor heard the alarm and saw two suspects run into a waiting vehicle, possibly a PT Cruiser or Chevrolet HHR, charcoal grey or champagne in color with the partial license place of 5VY.  One suspect was described as a white female, with dark brown shoulder length hair in her early 20's and carrying a backpack, and the other was a white male, Caucasian or Hispanic, with a grey hooded sweatshirt and black ear-length hair. A third suspect, the driver of the vehicle that never exited the car was described as white female with shoulder length blonde hair. The vehicle fled eastbound on Marine Avenue towards Aviation Blvd. out of sight.

While interviewing the resident she stated that a similar incident had occurred on 2/09/08 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Unknown suspect(s) entered the residence through an unlocked front door and took a purse, car key with keyless remote, a house key wallet and necklace.

Area 2

2/8/08 - 2/9/08    10 p.m. - 9 a.m.           1500 block of 6th Street

(Vehicle Burglary) The victim parked and locked her vehicle in her driveway. She returned to discover the driver's door was ajar and all the doors were unlocked. Unknown suspect(s) entered the vehicle by unknown means and took a jacket from the rear seat and the owner's manual from the glove compartment. Also, the victim found her attached garage door ajar when she returned later, but it appears nothing was missing from the garage or the residence.

Area 2

2/7/08 - 2/9/08     3 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.        1600 block of 6th Street

(Vehicle Burglary) The victim parked and locked his vehicle on the street in front of his residence and returned to find all the doors ajar. Unknown suspect(s) entered the vehicle by unknown means and took a Sirius satellite radio and antenna, and rifled through the glove compartment.

Area 2

2/9/08 - 2/10/08      9 p.m. - 9 a.m.    1700 block of 3rd Street

(Vehicle Vandalism) The victim discovered two large holes in both rear windows of his vehicle which was parked in his driveway. No suspects were seen or heard.

Area 11

2/9/08      12:10 a.m. - 1:22 a.m.        Stratford Court

(Vehicle Vandalism) Unknown suspect(s) splattered eggs, toilet paper, relish, catsup and an unknown sticky substance on the victim's vehicle which was parked in the driveway.

Area 3

02/04-05/08       4pm - 10am                   1900 blk of Walnut Av

487 PC (Grand Theft) An unseen suspect took victim's $800 baby stroller from her front porch area. To access the front porch area the suspect had to pass through an unlocked gate.

06/06-07/08       6:30pm - 3am        3200 blk of Oak Av

664/484 PC (Vehicle) Victim said she parked her vehicle in front of her home. She stated that she did not lock her vehicle. She stated that at that time her vehicle was intact and all her property was contained within her vehicle. Victim examined her vehicle and stated that it appeared that her center console and her glove box were rummaged through. She stated that none of her property is missing. Victim stated that no one has permission to enter her vehicle, ransack her vehicle, or remove anything from her vehicle.

Area 9

02/06-06/08       8:30pm - 5:30am     3600 blk of Palm Av

459PC (Vehicle Burglary) Victim parked and locked her vehicle in her driveway. When she returned to her vehicle she discovered an unknown suspect had entered her vehicle by breaking the front passenger window. The suspect stole her             briefcase from the front-passenger's floorboard area.

02/06-07/08     6:15pm - 5:30am          600 blk of 33rd St

459PC (Vehicle Burglary) Victim stated she parked and secured her vehicle on the north side of the street, in front of her house, facing west. When she returned to her vehicle her doors were still locked. She unlocked the vehicle and entered the driver's side. As she did, she noticed the passenger side window had been smashed and two cloth handbags containing several white plastic shopping bags had been stolen from the front seat.



HBNW celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary


Please join us as we walk in the HB St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday, March 15th at 11a.m.

1st Year St. Patrick's Day Parade

Please be present at 10:30a.m. on Valley Dr. at 11th Street with your family and your dog if you would like to represent HBNW!




Community News!


Adrienne's Search for Children's Cancer Cure - Fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House

Saturday, March 8, 2008 @ 6p.m.

Hermosa Beach Kiwanis

$30.00 per person (tax deductible)

FREE for kids under 12 years

See FLYER for more details on food, drink and music!


Hermosa Beach-Loreto Mexico

2008 Student Exchange Program

See FLYER for details!





Fighting Crime

You can fight crime. The best thing you can do at home is to lock your doors and windows. You can also protect yourself at home in other ways:

        Always try to see who's there before opening your door.

        Make sure that locks, doors, and windows are strong and cannot be broken easily.


It is important to listen to Emergency Officials during a disaster because directions they give will likely save your life. One direction Emergency Officials may give is to "Shelter-in-Place." This is likely advised during a hazardous incident. Shelter-in-place should only be enacted when directed by emergency officials.  Know what to do to Shelter-in-Place:


Trust fund set up for family of slain SWAT officer


Trust funds were established Thursday for the family of an LAPD SWAT officer who was shot and killed during a gun battle in a Winnetka home, and for another officer who was seriously injured in the same shootout.

The trust funds were established at the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union, and donations can be made in two ways, the LAPD reported.





GET INVOLVED IN RAISING $$$ FOR HBNW!  We must have a total of 24 volunteers to staff the three day Fiesta event. 


8 volunteers per day for Saturday, May 24th, Sunday, May 25th and Monday, May 26th.    We would need 2 people working a two-hour shift starting at 10a.m., 12 noon, 2p.m. and 4p.m.


Please let Kelly know if you can assist by volunteering for a two-hour shift.  


We have 9!  We need 15 more to take advantage of this opportunity that the Chamber of Commerce is giving HBNW to raise $3,000.00.


Jeff & Susan Brown, Pearl Eszlinger, Dave Burleigh, Terrill Burnett, Tracy Hopkins, Kelly Kovac-Reedy, Patrick Kovac and Kris Kovac 

C.E.R.T. - Community Emergency Response Team



To Link to the Redondo Beach Fire Department CERT information.


To Link to the Redondo Beach CERT Alumni association













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