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Weekly E-Newsletter and Crime Log Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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We would like to thank the 300 attendees at the MAP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD three-day event hosted by Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Torrance.  Dr. LuAn K. Johnson was an amazing speaker and held a very captive audience in her presentation on neighborhood disaster preparedness. 


We look forward to working with our HBNW Block Captain's to launch this program on their street and to further teach Block Captain's the 9 simple steps to follow after an Earthquake or any other disaster.


We personally would like to recognize our MYN coordinating team: Millie & Sally (Sally missing from picture) from MBNW, Ofc. Ian Miesen and Ofc. Mike Diehr (Mike missing from picture) from RBPD, Marcelle McCullough from RB CERT Alumni, RB Fire Chief Dan Madrigal (missing from picture), Torrance PD Lt. Jon Megeff, Torrance Ofc.'s Luz Aceves and Dusty Garver.

MYN Team


A special acknowledgement to the Redondo Beach Crowne Plaza for assisting us with the Saturday location and with Dr. Johnson's discounted accommodations.  We would like to thank HB Chief of Police ~ Greg Savelli, RB Chief of Police ~ Joe Leonardi, Torrance Chief of Police ~ John Neu and MB Chief of Police ~ Rod Uyeda for attending the class and your commitment to safety in our communities!


I'm just now getting my first chance to again thank you for letting me attend your presentation.  You did a great job and I was really impressed with the speaker's delivery and handouts.            ~ Laurie Slawson, RPV Chief of Police Admin. Sect.


I so enjoyed my initiation into Neighborhood Watch! The meeting at my house was absolutely painless and the Map Your Neighborhood meeting was (at first!) frightening but ultimately fascinating and, sounds corny, but empowering. I think, as a community, we cannot thank you enough, Kelly and Tracy!   ~ Dana Graner, HBNW Block Captain


I attended last weeks training.  LuAn Johnson did a fabulous job.  I am so excited about training my neighborhood AND my office.  I have signed up for CERT starting next week.  She has a way of keeping your interest and inviting enthusiasm among her trainees.  I was incredibly happy that I came out on that rainy night.  Thanks again to Dr. Johnson and you for setting it up.  ~ RBNW Debbie Westra


Thank you so much for the training opportunity last Saturday.  I am anxious to roll this info out to our entire neighborhood 15-20 houses at a time.   Could you please forward on this message to Kelly and the other chairpersons for putting on a FANTASTIC and worthwhile training session.  I'm fired up to share it with our other Block Captains.

~ Lisa Rodriguez , RB Neighborhood Coordinator


That was one of the best meetings I ever attended!!  ~ HBNW Block Captain Dave B., The Victorian


You hit a Grand Slam!  Excellent! ~ Herb Kahn, Torrance CERT & former Disaster Preparedness Commissioner


I want to say thank you for the amazing job that you all did. You are an inspiration on how to set your goal and accomplish it. Thank you so much for your leadership.  ~ Brandy Harkins, Beach Cities Health District


On behalf of the Redondo Beach Fire Department, I would like to extend to you and your team very heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done in the delivery of the 3-day Map Your Neighborhood event. Over the weekend, I received 3 personal telephone calls from constituents within my community letting me know how much they appreciated the program.  Please be assured that I support your efforts and look forward to building a stronger partnership in improving our community-based disaster preparedness efforts between our two-cities.  ~Daniel P. Madrigal, Fire Chief Redondo Beach Fire Department


Congratulations on a very successful MYN 'production'!  All of the comments from the Torrance DSV (Disaster Service Volunteers) have been very positive and they are most eager to get out to their neighborhoods and get busy.  Thanks for the untiring effort all of you put behind this effort; if just one life is saved it could well be the result of your work! ~ Kathi Galbasin, Torrance CERT Volunteer Coordinator Commissioner, Disaster Council Member of TARA, Neighborhood Watch Block Captain


Neighbors looking out for neighbors.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is organized to enable the police/fire and the community to work together. The goal is simple: To make each home, each street and each area more crime resistant and promote education and training for Individual Disaster Preparedness as well as Neighborhood Preparedness.  HBNW has adopted and will begin training Block Captain's an innovative 9 step program called Map Your Neighborhood. 

Neighborhood Watch ensures that group members are informed, aware and involved. The goal of making our area more crime resistant and prepared as a neighborhood for a disaster is worth the effort and it works.


Watch group status is not automatic.  In order to achieve Watch Group status and have signs posted in the neighborhood, neighbors must attend an INTRODUCTION BLOCK MEETING hosted by the Block Captain.  These 12" x 18" aluminum watch signs are provided free to those neighborhood watch groups who have achieved watch group status.  The signs, erected on public streets by the HB Public Works Department, remain the property of the City of Hermosa Beach. 





HBNW coordinators are doing a two-year anniversary evaluation and this is important if you are a Block Captain and have not had an INTRODUCTION MEETING. 


You will be moved to RESIDENT STATUS if you do not contact us for verification that you still want to be a BLOCK CAPTAIN.  At some point, you voluntarily signed up to be the BC for your street and we appreciate your awareness to safety with your immediate neighbors.  However, for reasons unknown to us, we see that some BC's are not participating in the HBNW program.  Tracy and I have a false sense of how strong the HBNW program is.  So, if we do not hear from you, you will be considered a RESIDENT STATUS.  A RESIDENT is an individual that receives our e-mail notifications up until your block has a resident that signs up to be the BLOCK CAPTAIN.  Having extraordinary Block Captain numbers on paper is not as important to us as having engaged residents that will be the "glue" that keeps the block informed on matters concerning general safety on the block.  By knowing who lives where and a sense of what is "normal" and "not normal" in the neighborhood, residents are watchful of suspicious activity.  In addition, a BC must be aware of how many people are in the house that would need assistance in a disaster.   Your position as a Block Captain is appreciated and valued by the HBPD, HBFD and the City of Hermosa Beach.


What will move you to RESIDENT STATUS?

  • If you have not had or scheduled a INTRO MEETING.
  • If you have not forwarded weekly e-news and crime log on to your residents (YES, we do know!).
  • If you did not sign up for the Map Your Neighborhood presentation (YES, it was mandatory that BC's attend). 
When a neighborhood works together to help take care of its residents, a safer and more cohesive neighborhood is created.   The amount of crime in the neighborhood will decrease and a greater sense of security and well-being will be felt by all the neighbors.  When a disaster occurs, you and your neighborhood will work efficiently to help each other cope without professional emergency first responders.  By law, Fire Departments are mandated to assess the community and do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people.  In order to do this, they must drive the city and first see for themselves the areas impacted and take notes on what is happening.  As painful as it is for them (as they are considered our heroes), they might have to drive right by your burning house or injured spouse in order to do what they are mandated to do which is, again, to do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people.  This is where you and your organized block can make a real difference in your recovery of a disaster.  You organize your neighbors to keep each other safe and self-sufficient during the critical one-hour time frame after an emergency and in the following days.
Exchange of Information.

Concerned citizens are the best asset any police department has to help fight crime. The program is designed to maximize that asset. The HBPD maintains lines of communication with the Coordinators of Neighborhood Watch, supplying crime and suspect information.   This is done through Block Captains on each street. The HBNW team also works with the community to solve neighborhood problems. The system relies on the willingness of people to get involved, stay informed of area problems, and work together on solutions.

The Block Captain acts as a representative of your street.  You do not represent the needs of all 400 blocks in HB, as everyone's block has different concerns.  When you are in a public arena, you may state for which block of residents you are the Block Captain.  Please do not say that you are a NW representative.  Only the Coordinators can make that claim.  We do not imply that we make a public statement on behalf of every block in HB.



The hours will be from 9:30am until about 1:30p.m.   RB CERT Alumni has asked HBNW if we could provide 15 volunteers to be VICTIMS, five of these victims can bring their pet!  How fun is that!!  Tracy and Kelly will be observing the drill even though we are RB CERT Alumni.  As coordinators of HBNW and Emergency Preparedness Commissioners, we feel this is an amazing opportunity to learn from Redondo Beach by watching them respond in this exercise.  Ken Hartley has organized the HB Amateur Radio Association to assist the RB HAMS with their communication during the exercise.


Many cities across the County will be participating in "Operation Higher Ground," a functional exercise in response to a simulated 25 foot tsunami which hits the area on 4th of July.  Redondo Beach will be using this opportunity to drill their evacuation plan, and they are requesting role players to act as evacuee victims. The role players will likely be needed at the Knob Hill Community Center in Redondo Beach. 


The County has also asked that the City of Torrance be the Area Command.  Torrance Fire Department will serve as the IC (Incident Command) and use the event to test their communications with other Area G cities. 

Please help make this a successful exercise for the County, Redondo Beach and Torrance.  

Los Angeles

will be activating their EOC along with the beach cities. Redondo will activate their call out system and the AM Radio will broadcast for us to respond. There will be things going on in Torrance at Wilson Park and in other neighboring cities.


RB CERT will respond with the Office of Emergency Management out of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fire and Lifeguard, South Bay Fire Agencies, Redondo and Torrance PD, The LA County Sheriffs, Ham Radio teams, American Red Cross, LA County Animal Care, Salvation Army, MRC and others to the Knob Hill Community Center. 


The plan is to evacuate the beach community to the Knob Hill Community Center where they will be processed. Some people may go to shelters while their animals are sent to special shelters. They may be fed by the Salvation Army or sent over to us for Medical Aid.


This event will be getting major media coverage from all around the Los Angeles area. News crews have been invited to a press conference then directed to each of the stations to film and interview those involved with this drill.



Please Call Mike Grady at (310) 245-9029 or email for more information or to RSVP as a victim from HBNW.

Featured BAD GUY of the week
As reported by Chief of Police, Greg Savelli
On Friday, 1-25-08 at 9:34pm, Officers and Fire Inspectors doing a routine check of Suzy's Bar and Grill on Aviation found the place to be extremely over-crowded.  The patrons there were not the normal crowd, it was a 30-40 something crowd.  When the officers and fire inspector did the routine check, they found a local popular band playing and the place stuffed with 219+ people when occupancy allowed for 82.  The owner informed them that he had no bouncers/doormen as this was a private event and he didn't anticipate such a large crowd. As Chief, I personally responded and spoke with the owner.  The patrons were cooperative and all exited the establishment upon request and once the number was diminished, they allowed patrons to re-enter up to the occupancy, however there was still no provision for security at the door and over 60 persons waiting to get in.  Per Suzy's CUP resolution 97-72 under "General Operating Standards and Conditions", paragraph 8, the Chief of Police may determine a continuing problem exists and may authorize the presence of a police approved doorman and/or security personnel.  I assigned a police officer to remain at Suzy's to ensure the over crowding situation did not re-occur.  I will be billing the establishment for our presence and submitting this as part of the CUP review on the 19th to the Planning Commission as required by the CUP.

HBNW CRIME LOG ~ This log contains crimes in HB that residents can read and learn from in order to TARGET HARDEN their home, vehicles and neighborhood. 


Monday 1-28-08 - Sunday 2-3-08


AREA 1 - BLUE (SOUTHWEST area bordered by Pier Ave, PCH & Herondo St.)

AREA 2 - GREEN (NORTHWEST area bordered Pier Ave, PCH and Manhattan border)

AREA 3 - RED (Every HB address on PCH and EAST to Harper/Reynolds)


Wednesday 1-30-08


Area 1


459 PC

415 Herondo

Vehicle Burglary

During the night a vehicle was entered via a window smash. There was a bag containing personal checks that was reported missing. No one was seen or heard.


Thursday 1-31-08


Area 3


594 PC

1000 block of Aviation


There was a report of vandalism to a business in the area. There was a broken front window to Bobs' Cleaners. This vandalism occurred during the night some time.


Area 1


459 PC

600 block of Palm Dr


There was a report of a garage burglary in the area. Victim advised that they were missing 2 bicycles, a printer and a DVD player. The garage was also left open during the night.


Saturday 2-2-08


Area 1


487 PC

447 Herondo


There was a theft reported in the garage of the location. A bicycle was taken from the carport area. The cable lock was cut and left behind at the scene. No one was seen or heard.



Saturday night 2-2-08


Area 3


459 PC

2411 Prospect Ave

Residential Burglary

There was a call of a vacant apartment with unknown inside. One subject inside was reported to be playing a guitar. The apartment has been vacant for 4 years due to water damage and a gas leak. HBPD units respond and locate two subjects inside who claim to have permission to be inside from the HBFD (Negative). One of the subjects lives in the apartment just across the hall and the other was ultimately arrested for two outstanding arrest warrants. All windows, sliders and doors were locked and secured by PD.


Area 3


459 PC

1900 block of PCH

Residential Burglary

A burglary in progress call went out and HBPD units responded. The reporting party heard noise inside of the residence and the motion light in the backyard was activated. Once on scene the location was checked and secured, no one found on the property or inside of residence. NOTE: Good call, even though we did not find anyone at least now you can sleep with that constant thought, "Is there someone in my house or yard?" Call us!!


Area 1



1000 block Sunset Dr

Prowler call

Reporting Party can hear someone in her backyard. It sounds like a male, possibly homeless. HBPD responds and a check of the area met with negative results.


Sunday 2-3-08


Area 1


594 PC

1100 Monterey


There was a report of graffiti in the area. There was black paint tagging on building wall. No one was seen or heard. This occurred during the night some time.


Area 1


594 PC

1000 block of Loma


More graffiti reported in the area. There was black paint tagging on the side of a white van. More than likely this is related to the previous report.


Area 1


594 PC

1000 block Loma


Another white van in the area reported with black paint tagging on the side of it. Three victims to this night of tagging in the area. No one seen or heard.




C.E.R.T. - Community Emergency Response Team

Hermosa Beach Resident's T.J. Brennan; Jeff & Susan Brown and Block Captain Doris & Greg Eberhardt will be taking this Academy. 

If you are a resident on their street, please thank them for learning this invaluable instruction from our friendly city neighbors, the RB Fire Department!


Area 6

1/29/08                         1:01 a.m.                      500 block of 1st Street

(Trespassing) The victims were asleep at home when they heard noises inside the residence and realized there was an intruder in the home. One resident confronted the intruder, a white male, who appeared to be disoriented, spoke incoherently and smelled of alcohol. He said he was visiting a friend. However he could not provide the friend's name or address. Another resident called police and they arrested the intruder. It appeared that the intruder climbed a 6 foot fence and entered an unlocked back door to gain entry to the residence.

Area 9

1/29/08 - 1/30/08           7 p.m. - 10:20 a.m.        600 block of 26th Street

(Attempted Vehicle Burglary) Unknown suspect(s) punched a small hole in the vehicle's driver door apparently to enter the vehicle. Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle.

Community News!

City of Hermosa Beach Blood Drive

Wed., Feb. 13, 2008
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers

1 Pint Can Help Save 3 Lives!

To register, call Monica at 310-318-0230 or email


(310) 318-0239



 We need at total of 24 volunteers to staff the three day event. 

8 volunteers per day for Saturday, May 24th, Sunday, May 25th and Monday, May 26th.  We would need 2 people working a two-hour shift starting at 10a.m., 12 noon, 2p.m. and 4p.m.


Please let Kelly know if you can assist by volunteering for a two-hour shift.  


We have Jeff & Susan Brown, Pearl Eszlinger and Dave Burleigh signed up!

Southern California

Edison (SCE)

Residents can make a claim for damages that may have been caused by a power outage. 


Claims may be mailed or faxed to:

Southern California Edison
Attention: Claims Department
P.O. Box 900, Rosemead, CA 91770
(800) 251-3311. Fax:(626) 569-2573

In addition, you might want to visit the SCE website at
If SCE accepts liability for the damage, the company states it "will reimburse you for the repair cost, replacement cost, or actual cash value, whichever is less." 



Stay safe and avoid becoming a victim of gas station theft


Gas stations provide criminals with a unique setting to catch their victims off guard. Many customers leave their car doors unlocked and their valuables in plain view while pumping gasoline and purchasing additional items inside, allowing thieves the few seconds they need to grab the valuable contents of the car and take off.


CHILD SECURITY NETWORK - Empowering Children All Around the World

The first few hours after a child is missing are crucial to recovery. Parents often spend this time searching for photos and trying to provide descriptions to the police, wasting valuable time. The faster this information is reported, the better the chance that a child will be recognized, found unharmed and safely returned.