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Well Done, Chief Savelli

HBNW says Thank You!


Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch,


I wanted to let HBNW know that I will be leaving the City of Hermosa Beach on January 13th, 2012.  I have accepted a new challenging opportunity.


It has been a true pleasure working with all of you the past five and a half years.  Much of my success as your Police Chief is due to our close relationships.  Tracy and Kelly have been tireless in their efforts to keep our community aware of crime trends and more prepared for natural and manmade disasters.  Many of you have been reliable "watch-dogs" for our community.  Being extra eyes and ears and promptly reporting crimes or suspicious occurrences keeps criminals and us on our toes!  Keep up the good work!


I am confident that the Police Department is on solid footing and believe the transition will go smoothly.  I plan to remain a resident of Hermosa Beach and look forward to seeing you all around our community.



Greg Savelli



Not too often do you meet a person that completely changes your life for the better.  I met such a person in Greg Savelli. 


I remember the day I met him in his new office downstairs in the police department.  I was asked by departing Interim Chief of Police David Barr to wait one month before coming to the new Chief regarding any Neighborhood Watch issues as to give him a chance to "get acclimated" to his new working environment.   Well, I waited one long week before calling Chief Savelli and asking if we could talk.  HBNW was just developing and I had important stuff to talk about...at least I thought so. 


Since that day, Chief Savelli has whole heartedly embraced the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch program.  At the same time the Chief was coming in to a new city, Neighborhood Watch was coming in to its own credible program of Crime Prevention and Disaster Preparedness.  The latter had never been done together with a Neighborhood Watch program in the South Bay.   This was unique to take on both crime and disaster.  He did so with ease!


To name a few meaningful accomplishments this Chief gave to our program:

·       Personally attended weekly Block Meetings to speak directly with our residents

·       Personally answered all questions that HBNW would ask within a timely manner.

·       Developed with HBNW a Volunteers in Policing Program

·       Re-Introduced a Equestrian Police Force

·       Re-Introduced a K-9 Police Force

·       Developed a comprehensive system for enforcement of ABC and CUP licenses for Downtown Establishments

·       Led the Police Department in becoming a Nationally Accredited Police Agency

·       Organized with HBNW, HBFD and HBPW the National Night Out events and Santa Ride  (HB won three awards for NNO!)

·       Supported an amazing disaster preparedness program, Map Your Neighborhood


Basically, shaped this City up!


And, I for one, am extremely grateful.  As a resident and co-founder of a NW program, Hermosa Beach was graced by his leadership, his fair and common sense approach to Community Policing and his sense of humor.


Tracy and I would like to say THANK YOU for 5 plus years in Hermosa Beach.  We wish you nothing but the best in your future career achievements.   


Kelly Kovac-Reedy